Job as a Scripter

I would like to be a scripter for your game. what kind of game is it tho

He’s offering his service as a scripter.

Dint have discord any more. Message me on Developer forum.

Yesv send me links and I’ll msg you

Your messages are off in DevForum.

I have seen your game and looks really good. Please send me link to apply.

You need discord, it’s a requirement.

I feel like since you have 2 years of scripting experience, you should probably add a few more links to your showcase for more examples, so that some developers could get a better understanding and reasoning why they should hire you as a group programmer.

Need a Scripter? I can help with any games.

I would probably need a scripter soon for my Lawn Mower Gang, but I’ll get in contact in you once I’m ready.

you have 2 years and only 2 examples, and this says you are a builder

I specialize in asset creation and level design. I have been building

I had a look in the group, and you are not ranked Developer. Nor a rank above,

That’s because I quit after after a lil bit.

Do you have any proof that you worked there?

Yes, ask owner. Or a head dev. Most of the devs quit.

I checked your profile, and your account was created in 2020. Mind explaining how you got ‘2 years experience’.

R4YY4NBD7 - Roblox - this is my main account. I made rayyanhussai_dev for a dev side and my main is for outside of developing.

Reply then. You all just guess stuff. Then I answer and you never reply.