[Closed] Saudade Studios needs scripters!


Hello, we are Saudade Studios, an upcoming developer company hoping to set about no later than December of this year. We are planning to put together the largest studio on ROBLOX by hiring developers and organizing them into teams to work with that team on the given project. We love to get other peoples input so feel free to suggest, agree, or disagree with the teams ideas.

The Owner
PositiveTal / water bottle #2380


We are looking to hire one or more professional/semi-professional hard working Scripters who are willing to follow all requirements.

Please, view this doc to see what you shall script. The list may have a few things missing.*


You will be paid whatever is asked, unless overpriced.

PLEASE NOTE; ALL DEVELOPERS HIRED WILL WAIT FOR THEIR PAY VIA GROUP FUNDS. PAYMENT WILL BE DISTRIBUTED ONCE THE PROPER AMOUNT OF ROBUX IS ACQUIRED. YOU MUST BE PATIENT (I will sign an agreement promising to pay you when Robux is acquired. You may hold this post, the agreement and our messages against me if I lie.)


  • Good Communication.
  • Significant experience with LUA and the ROBLOX API.
  • English Speaker.
  • Age 14+.
  • Preeminent portfolio.
  • Has a Discord account (if not, please create one for business purposes.)
  • Can be mature and professional at ALL times.
  • Will wait for payment.


  • Tal is available via Discord. [tal #2380]
  • If she does not respond within 1-2 business weeks, email her. swaggyrobloxdev@gmail.com
  • If you must, she is available through ROBLOX itself or the Developer Forum. It may take her a bit long to respond to you, though. Her username is PositiveTal.
  • If you prefer, you may attach your portfolio and Discord tag to the post, we’ll message you from there.

Look forward to working with you,


Your discord is saying it doesnt work, DM me, UNITED_Lacker#4037

My apologies, I’ve changed it. I’ll update that!

Hey there! I’m interested in learning a bit more about the Discord Scripter Position. Friend request sent, my username is and#1000.

Okay! Two “and” Discord users have sent me a request, so please specify which is you when messaging me.

I would like to apple for a roblox scripter. Discord username is Gaming Plug#0823

I would also Like to apply for roblox scripter, my discord is Infrar#3439

Hello! Please add me. tal #2380


Are you brazilian? because of the name Saudade

No, haha. It’s just a rare name I saw online and thought it was nice.

i know that People from USA like the word “Fantasma”
what means ghost in “PT-BR”

but i dint know that they like the word saudade.

It just means nostalgia/nostalgic.

actualy, saudade is close to when you miss something bot not in a nostalgic way.
saudade is like when you are sleeping in someone else house for too long and you miss your own bed, or when you miss someone.

in pt-br woud be Nostalgia that is nostalgic.

My bad. I did not know that. Thank you.


Wow! You’re amazing! Please message me and we may discuss payment.

ok i sent you the friend request!

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