[CLOSED] [SCPF] Area-81 Development Project

About Us

Hey there! We’re a group based on the SCPF genre. Our group is currently not open for anyone to join unless the individual is selected to be apart of our team either the Development Team or the Project member. We are looking for builders that can help us in continuing the site development.

The Position[CLOSED]

Position has now been closed, thank you viewings this post.

Current Progress

Notes :-

When sending the portfolio, you need to attach one of your best works to higher your chance of being selected.


Hello I am applying as a builder. You can contact me on discord EGE#8637. More info on discord.

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Hello there! :wave: I am Mememoxzine (ZeroGaming19 previous name), the Project Coordinator (Project Leader, Head Developer) of this SCP:F Project, The Developer Team also need investments for this project for funding/paying developers to hire and possibly finish this project faster as our Project Members within the Project Members Program has been desperate and impatient to see the site up and coming. Please message either:

Project Coordinator, Head Developer:

The Adminstrator:

Thank you. :smile:

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I’ve been working as a builder for this SCPF for a while now.

I can say, the other devs are very friendly and welcoming and really fun to work alongside.

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