[CLOSED] Scripter for hire


I am WisdomClock, 18 year old Croatian scripter/programmer & builder. I’ve been scripting for a long time now and I’ve done over 100+ comissions. I am currently jobless and I am looking for comissions so that I can earn some cash.

Scripting work

Game made within 24 hours to showcase my quality and speed

Current project - Hide & Seek game with abilities and more original fun stuff

Group based game where you can gather, craft and fight (Might be glitchy considering that I haven’t worked on it in a while)

Comission to make a building system, it took less than a week (Similiar to bloxburg without grids)

Another comission where I’ve made a semi-realistic ballista

I can show you my other work in case you’re interested

Throughout years spent on roblox I’ve learned to work in groups/teams or solo. I am available every day and I can provide high quality done within a short time.


Contact me on discord: WisdomClock#3745
Or message me on roblox/devforum


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