[CLOSED] Scripter for Tsunami Game ~ 20k Robux

About the Job

Hello, I am looking for a scripter to help me remake a tsunami game I made a year ago that broke. I wish I had video of how it used to run but I do not.

What I’ll be needing is:

  1. A round system that teleports players to the middle of the map.
  2. A scripted tsunami wave that moves towards the map and makes the game fun
  3. Music to play during rounds/intermission that can be muted
  4. Keep track and save Survivals/Points players earn from playing

We can discuss gameplay more through Discord!

Here are some pictures of the game:


I was aiming to pay 20,000 robux for this project through funds, but that can be negotiated. I prefer to pay USD through PayPal so if you can use that outlet let me know. I am pretty laid back to work with, I was hoping to get this game back into the public early December.

Contact Me

Feel free to add me on Discord at Bobbysayhi#9778, but please share me your portfolio on the Dev Forum first.


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