[CLOSED] Scripter, GFX Artist and Modeler!


Welcome to my portofolio!
I am once again offering my services as a scripter, GFX artist, and modeler.
Feel free to ask me any questions about my commissions!

What can I do?

I have been scripting for over 3 years now with ROBLOX’s main language, Lua.
I have modeled for around 2 years now, before I started GFX. I use Blender for modeling, in case you’re wondering.
I’ve been doing GFX for around a whole year now. Quick note, just so you know, I use CC0 textures/HDRIs.

I mainly specialize in scripting and GFX aswell.


GFX (Summer 2021) New personal profile picture :D

GFX (2021) YouTube channel profile picture (updated May 23rd)

Original render

Re-render with glare (May)

GFX (2021) Group and game icon, and a person holding a clipboard (updated May 23rd)

Original renders

Game icon re-render with glare

GFX (2021) Sword Tool images (updated May 23rd)


GFX (2021) (OLD) Some people sitting, having some great views

Models (2021) Boat and Jet Ski Commission

UGC simple hats (2020) (OLD)

Scripting (2021)

Seat to Makeup script (includes gui, serverside, etc…)

Slider that changes animation speed (no animation was provided)

Platformer Test (Personal)
(NEW) Pet TweenService (Multiplayer) Test
(RECENT) Geometrically decimated trees (includes modeling)
(RECENT) Randomizable (personal game)
Three doors that let you pass through if you meet certain conditions


My timezone is Spain (Spanish) Madrid Time.
I am available almost all day when there’s no school, and when there is, I still have time.


Prices are negotiable and I accept group payouts and gamepasses as payment methods. I only accept :robux_light: (R$) right now. I can change these prices anytime, so stay tuned for the cheapest prices! The price of your commission won’t go under the base price, unless said otherwise, which I sometimes do.


Prices have been lowered for almost everything!

Here are some base prices:
GFX (basic): 250 :robux_light: [Open] [Negotiable]
GFX (complex): 300 :robux_light: [Ask Before] [Negotiable]
(scenes with lots of stuff count as complex)

Scripting (basic): 175 :robux_light: [Open] [Negotiable]
Scripting (complex): 200 :robux_light: [Ask Before] [Negotiable]
(gun systems count as complex)

Modeling (basic): 200 :robux_light: [Ask Before] [Negotiable]
Modeling (complex): 300 :robux_light: [Ask Before] [Negotiable]
(models/textures that have many stuff are complex)

(if you hire me to both model AND script I might make a discount! also, I might reduce or make the base price higher while negociating depending on what the user [you] wants.)


“hire” does not actually mean it, it means commission (no percentages and stuff), my bad

  • I will make the model, give you a preview then you must pay me before I give it to you. Feel free to pay me before I finish the model, by the way, but pay me the full price I asked you for, not half of it or similar. However, you can pay me extra if you want, it’d be very nice! I will make the model outside of your game by the way, or I can personally import it if you let me AND PAY ME BEFORE. (I make discounts if you hire me to model and script, see Payment)

We have only one option here, and it is that…

  • I can make the script/s OUTSIDE of your game, give you a preview then you must pay me and I’ll send the finished script/s. I must have the models (or you can hire me to make them) like, lets say you want to make a music system, i need a stereo or something to play it in. You can hire me for modeling and scripting though. (I make discounts, see Payment)
  • Ask me or message me. I’m faster replying in Discord, send me a fr.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or Discord. But I prefer Discord, if you don’t mind.

Discord: davidlao#3872

(Let me know when you friend requested me on ROBLOX or Discord by the way, I might not notice!)

Thanks for reading! Remember to read the full post before contacting me, please.

I’ll add more showcases as I do more work, by the way.

Current status:

  • Commissions CLOSED.

Updated GFX info! I’m now open for 200 :robux_light: basic or 300-300+ :robux_light: complex.
I’ll be posting a GFX commission soon!

Hello! I sent you a fr, I’m CherryLeChicken#6524.

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Can you model + script burgers?

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I think I could. SO yeah, I can model and script burgers.

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I just closed Complex modeling. I don’t feel like doing complex stuff right now. However I still accept GFX and scripting requests!

For anyone who was commissioning me a complex model before the change, I closed the commission/s.

Updated GFX showcases! More showcases are coming soon.

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Updated (once again) the post. I added script showcases (2), my current status (below the post) and changed Basic Modeling to “Ask Before”. I mainly work on this order from important to less important:

GFX → Scripting → Modeling

Updated my current status and GFX showcase/s! (added 1)

Added a scripting showcase, edited my current status, removed my achievements and removed unnecessary text!

More showcases soon, again :smiley:

Updated the post to make it more :sparkles: stylish :sparkles:, updated my current status and added images (4) of some new models i commissioned! (2)

Opened again and added GFX to Showcase (11)

Sorry for the post bump! I’m just opening commissions again.

Updated scripting showcase (1)

Added link to “Platformer Test”.

Updated lots of outdated stuff in the portofolio.
Opened commissions once again.
LONG SUMMER SALE! Lowered prices until September!

Sorry for the post bump, I didn’t have the motivation to do stuff on June, and I was learning more complex stuff, mostly for GFX and modeling. A little bit of scripting too.

Updated GFX

→ Added personal GFX (1)


→ Closed new commissions

Hi am CREED and 3056 is my twin brother we’d like to know whether you can script chassis like A-Chassis or atleast script a car for a racing game…If then let me know here or in my discord Dms CREED_3056#7920 as am in need of one :slight_smile:

I currently am not specialized on scripting car scripts. I don’t know much about applying forces manually (although i wish i did) nor want to know anytime right now.

Thanks for asking anyways :)

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Ohk…well if u wanna try go ahead and let me know if u can in future k :innocent: