[CLOSED] [SCRIPTER NEEDED - 5k R$] Easy Fix, offering USD or R$



Hey all, Ted here.

Let me get right to the butter.

Basically, I need a scripter to fix my in-game store catalog. My game has a store button, and when you click on it, it pops up a catalog of items you can buy, which is linked to the game as developer products. However, players have been reporting that they are not receiving the things they buy from the in-game catalog. I am looking for a scripter to fix this issue.

Below is an image of what the in-game catalog looks like:

Here is a link to our main game:
Ancient Roleplay | Wecome to Rome

I can pay either R$ or USD. Hopefully this is relatively easy, so I am offering 5k R$ or $10 USD.

If you would like to help, dm me on Discord: Ted#3573


This isn’t necessarily an easy fix. While it could be a very simple issue with the developer product events, depending on what these developer products are giving it could be a wide array of things, ranging from a broken item system, faulty datastores, bad remotes, incorrect player reports, faulty item system, faulty currency system and a lot more.

Potentially a scripter is going to have to go through your entire game’s item, currency, datastore, gamepass and developer product code to find the issue, and your (although understandable) want for a low cost will likely put a lot of scripters off.


Updated the pricing.