[CLOSED] Scripter Needed - Game Prototype



So, just a few things imo.

  1. Collisions on Roblox between two client maintained objects can be kinda messy. So you’re gonna have to work that sort of thing out.
  2. Perpetual motion is an interesting idea and all but if you make the arena a box, of example, what happens when someone is stuck into the corner? If there car is always driving forward, how do they reverse?
  3. Racing with a car that is unable to anything other than turn, as it’s always going straight, is going to mean you need some very strange tracks, and the racing will be very bland. 95% of racing is learning how fast you need to go to optimize certain lines, but if you can’t slow down, how can you optimize a line?
  4. You’re giving a 50/50 split on the Prototype of this game. But you’re asking for a lot of work on the hope this game will take off. Recognize that the racing industry on Roblox isn’t very high.
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  1. im aware of this, thanks :slight_smile:
  2. none of the maps will have rough corners, and players running into walls will result in the destruction of that vehicle
  3. the focal point of racing would be the demolition part, as well as speed-boosts, jumps, etc. this will keep racing interesting and competitive (any ideas for this are appreciated btw)
  4. once again, the main point of the game will be more focused on demolition (which the roblox community has shown quite a bit of interest in the past)
    i do understand that there is a bit of uncertainty of the popularity and success of this kind of game, but i’d like to work with someone who is interested in the idea and personally does believe that it could take off a bit :heart:
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I’d argue you’ll want to target more on the destruction derby aspect than racing then. Maybe even call it “Elimination” rather than involving any titling of racing. Your game has a lot of aspects that people in the racing community would most indefinitely not call racing. Furthermore, I think it’d be very hard to aim a game where it’s so simple into the Computer Gaming Market. If you made the game target for Tablet/Mobile, you’d see more success. That’s where games need to be simple, maybe even lined down to just one control, to be super effective. But that being said, I’d like to see how this plays out. Personally though, the game doesn’t seem that fun to me.

of course, yeah the game was never necessarily meant to target racing - thats just a single gametype that I mentioned.
the game will be targeted towards majority mobile but will be available on PC for those who want.
should’ve mentioned that earlier

thanks for the advice :slightly_smiling_face:


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