[CLOSED] Scripter Needed!

About Me

Hi there! I’m Bylocks. I can build, script, and design UI. The reason I am looking for a scripter is to cut down the development time. I will be personally advertising the game with my own robux, with an amount that seems fit for its success, you will have full input into decisions as well.

About The Job

I am looking for a scripter to join full time. The job is to evolve the soccer/football genre on Roblox. This genre has major potential on this platform. For starters, brand new dribble mechanics to easily control the ball, AI teams so you don’t have to rely on the AFK players and ball hogs to help you vs. 10 other people. I want this to feel like a partnership more than a job.

More details will be given in private conversation, I don’t want to give too much away publicly. If you are interested in what you see so far, send me a message on Twitter or Discord (listed below).

Here are some small examples. Some are just mock-ups and rough drafts. These are here for you to get a feel for the style and where we are trying to go with this game.

All images and videos are taken of content already made for this game specifically

Click Me


Menu Example

Global Market
Instant Replay
Create a Player
Pack Opening
Team Creation (V 0.0001)

How much potential you ask?

HUGE POTIENTIAL. This is the original concept I made, with 0 robux spent into ads, it had a major response. 93% like ratio. As well as making 50K in game passes and dev products within a weekend due to the change in gameplay style, and originality. The game had 0, that’s right 0 gameplay of soccer. Only opening packs and creating teams. If that doesn’t tell you about the possibilities this game can have, I don’t know what will.

What I Expect

I expect high-quality scripts, meaning filtering enabled adapted, easy to customize (change and add new features) and most efficient and up to date practices. Good communication skills are required via Discord or Twitter. I like to check progress almost daily. I don’t require a set number of hours of work per day, as long as the deadlines are met.


I will be paying 150,000 (equivalent to $525) robux at the end of the base project. I will also be giving 50% of game profits, which will be distributed as long as you are still scripting and doing updates for the game.

Contact Me

Twitter - @Bylocks52
Discord - Bylocks#7571

Can’t wait to hear back! :+1:


The Current Team:

  • THIS COULD BE YOU Scripter
  • @Bylocks Game Manager and UI Designer
  • @siro_art Graphic Designer
  • 2 Commissioned Stadium & Asset Builders

I’ve seen this post before. What happened to the other scripter?

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Their school work caught up with them and needed to step down to focus on that.

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Here are games I have made . I have remade guest defense into a reskinned game with more updates and we are constantly updating it . I also have remade build to survive zombies and I am currently working on fixing the stamper tool so it works server sided but right now it works client sided . I also have released a guest quest remake that went into alpha testing and is closed at the moment https://www.roblox.com/groups/4036284/Developers-Corporation#!/about . Also have made other games that we closed due to the community not enjoying them


I might be interested… Since you’re (quite possibly) a level headed person and school is closing off kinda soon, this post is intriguing.


Awesome! Feel free to contact me at one of these

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I’m very interested to work with you, Bylocks!


Actually, the reason I didn’t contact you is because the game link is private. Could you either open the game or give a rough idea of what content the game has? While you seem like a competent leader, it’s hard to see how skilled you are, and what skill you require of your team

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I thought you’re not supposed to list your discord here I got in trouble before for doing that

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Post Update:

  • Includes examples of rough/concept ideas for the game (per request: @ancant64)

  • My skill set will be managing the project, making sure deadlines are met & how to fit it with both of our schedules. As well as the game’s UI design. Some examples of my work can be found in my portfolio here and a few images in the rough/concepts section.

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It’s always great to see new promising games being made!

Good luck to you :slightly_smiling_face:

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When I made that post it was more focused as to what you were looking for rather than questioning your skill. Moving forward with the game, what asset are you looking to add? It’s extremely reassuring to see your skillset, but could you briefly go over what you’re looking to add?

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