[CLOSED] Scripter Portfolio

Hey! My name is Andrew (PhoenixSigns on Roblox), and this is my second time writing this because I accidentally abandoned my first draft… :man_facepalming:

I’m currently a freshman in college studying computer science. I’ve been on Roblox since 2011 and developing since 2013. I’m primarily a coder but I can also help out in other parts of game development such as building, modeling, UI design, and graphics. My favorite type of game to code is shooter games but I’m also proficient in other types as you will see later on in this post.

Past Work

I’m mainly known for Strucid, a third person shooter game where players can build and edit floors, ramps, walls, and pyramids to protect themselves and outplay opponents. There are also throwable items that facilitate wacky tactics such as the Blast Grenade (launches nearby players away from the explosion, tearing through any building in the way) and Dance Bombs (sends nearby players into a short dance frenzy, leaving them vulnerable for a few seconds).

This game won me a Bloxy Award in 2019 and has been played by many popular Youtubers outside of the Roblox community who have millions of subscribers. There was even a video on Strucid that was #1 trending on Youtube Gaming!

In-game screenshot during the Christmas season

Strucid has been my main focus since October of 2018 (although updates have slowed down due to me working on side projects). However, I plan on doing a huge overhaul of the game that will bring about new sounds, major game mechanic changes, and a brand new UI (the current UI was supposed to be a placeholder but I haven’t had a chance to redo it).

Frosted Paintball
In late November of 2019, I suddenly decided to create a snowball shooting game in spirit of the holiday season. Determined to complete it by early-mid December, I spent countless hours in the next two weeks coding the game which on release had multiple gamemodes, a fun sliding mechanic, pets, killstreaks, and a wide variety of guns.

Unfortunately, the game was not well received by the community due to its similarity to a popular paintball game at the time. Nonetheless, although being a bit stressed out at times due to the short time constraint, I had a ton of fun coding this game.

In 2017 (how time flies :sob:), I started working on my first ever R15 FPS game. Lawless’s primary gamemode was a “mini” battle royale with 18 players and also featured bonus gamemodes such as Juggernaut and Capture the Flag. Players were able to choose a loadout before rounds began which included a primary/secondary gun, a melee weapon, and an equipment. Although this game didn’t become popular due to its high learning curve, I learned a lot about gun frameworks and coded the first version of my custom animation system (more on that later).

Dynamic wall fragmentation

Skin customization on the Ballistic Shield

Attachment customization

Lawless even had an automatic grammar corrector for common mistakes

My other shooter games uses a newer version of the custom animation system that I first created for Lawless. It supports dynamic keyframes which are calculated in real time using inverse kinematics which is necessary for reloading, sprinting, and scoping animations where the gun’s position and orientation to the body are not static.

Like most other developers, I have worked on many side projects that never saw completion so here is a dump of GIFs of some things I’ve worked on in the past two years.

Housing building game featuring auto polygon detection and roof triangulation

Tycoon styled base defense game

Cute squishy pet

Congrats if you made it all the way down here! Thanks for reading! I hope my portfolio has provided you with enough insight on my abilities as a coder and a developer. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on the following platforms (Discord DMs preferred):
Twitter: @PhoenixSignsRBX
Discord: AndrewW#7762



What challenges did you face in development of Strucid?