[CLOSED] Scripter Wanted For Simple GPS System

About The Job

Hi, I would like for a simple GPS system to be made. Simply put, I have a minimap that operates via Viewport Frames and a blocked out version of my game map that is 1:1 scale. Would like for the ability to select two points in 3D space that then can be translated to a 2D path that can be drawn on top of the Viewport Frames and is updated based on the players location in relation to the end point, just like a navigation system you would see on GTA.

The features in detail are as follow:

  • Calculates shortest path between a start and end point (this can be done through A* or Roblox’s built-in Pathfinding Service, which ever can provide the best performance for something like this).
  • Translate the Vector3 positions of each way point to UDMI2.
  • Orientate and position GUI frames based on generated nodes in order to draw the path.
  • Display path on top of Viewport Frames.

I don’t need for the minimap to be created. Just simply the mechanics of the GPS system. You can essentially just grab the city map from the default Roblox places, drop it into a Viewport Frame, make Viewport Frame Camera top view and then you can use that to demo the mechanics of the navigation.

I have a lot of the logic done (Vector3 to UDMI2, maths for position a GUI frame between two nods) so that can be provided to help out with the project.


Name your price when you contact me as I don’t really know how much something like this would cost.

Contact Us

If interested in this job, you can contact me here on the Developer Forum with your past work if any. Or more preferably on discord (The4dpro#9617).

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I’m interested and I sent you a friend request.

if its just a viewportframe, why not just create 3d objects with pathfindingservice since the 3d object will just show up in the viewportframe anyway

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