[CLOSED] Scripter/Programmer/Web Developer for hire!

:ledger: About Me

Hi there! My name is Lee or HiddenIpex. I’m a programmer/scripter. I started coding in March 2020 and have come so far as a Developer since. I can make websites, discord bots, ranking bots, and I am an intermediate scripter on ROBLOX.

I code in the following languages:

  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Lua

:camera: Showcase

You can view my assets via the dropdown links below.

Burger Queen - 185k+

I was hired as a developer at Burger Queen on the 14th of November 2020.

Scoop'd - 1k+

New Project

New Project (1)

I also have some personal projects I’ve made but are still in development and don’t feel comfortable sharing until they are released.

:briefcase: Availability

I am available from 4 PM-12 AM GMT to work. I may not read your message straight away but will try to respond as fast I can, I may also be offline for some parts.

I’ve paused websites for a while because of a lot of projects coming in and not much time to complete a website, they should be back up soon though.

:telephone_receiver: Contact

You can contact me on Discord at HiddenIpex#0001 or on the Developer forum.

Thanks for reading! :heart:


As the owner of Scoop’d, Lee is a very good & fast bot developer and web developer. If you’re looking for someone to create a custom bot or website for an affordable price, you’ll want to hire Lee!


Your Discord tag doesn’t seem to work.

Hi there, my tag was recently changed to HiddenIpex#9999, apologies for that.

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