[CLOSED] Scripter/UI Designer and Builders NEEDED, %

About Us:
Hey we are a United States of America group, and we are looking for a scripter and 2 builder’s to help us with our Washington DC game and other project’s for the USA we would need help with.

About the Job:
We are looking for 3 developers, including 1 experienced scripter and 2 experienced builders that put time and detail into their work. This job will need of you to be a hundred percent dedicated and can stay long term with us.

Here is a list of a few things we will need done for the game:

Main Menu UI - will include details of what needs to be put there.
Radio UI - for Law Enforcement teams.
Player Avatar UI - Displays wallet, bank account balances, and your avatar face.
Overhead Rank UI - Displays Username, Team Abbreviation | Rank in that group.
Gun Scripts - More details about that in DM’s.
Door Scripts - For White House and multiple Headquarters.

Multiple HQ’s including MPD, CIA, and a few more.
White House and Capitol Hill.
More details will be sent on discord.

Scripter-20-35% based on how good the scripter is.
Builder-15% for each builder based on how detailed the work is.

All percentages are negotiable.

Contact us:
Discord - SA1NTLY#1653

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Hello, I am very interested. I sent you a request on Discord from Ro_Jax#8006.

Can you pay usd? Through PayPal??

I’m very curious, because everywhere I go I saw your reply about paying on USD, do you need money?

(Anyway, all the world need it)

Aside, I want to work on this game, it seems to have potential, not to be on the top list but it is a good idea and original.

Ye I do need money so I am trying to get a job

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