[CLOSED] Scripting Portfolio

RedoneYT’s Intermediate Scripting Portfolio


Hey, today I’d like to offer my services as an intermediate programmer. I started learning Roblox back in 2016 on an old account called 1PinkSheepNation. 2017 is when I stepped up my game and started studying and learning LUA.

I also have some pretty good skills in GUI designing and GFX design.

My account 1PinkSheepNation was made four years ago when I was just a child.

I believe that I have some pretty decent abilities when it comes to coding. Some of my abilities are in the list that follows but not limited to:

Tweening UI
Tweening Objects
Day/Night Cycle
Tool Givers
Datastore 2
Main Menu UI’s
Anti Exploits.

Check-in System

Check-in System

Simple Free Placement System

Simple Placement System

If you’d like any more examples, please contact me. I’d be happy to provide plenty of more examples.

Some of these GUI’s were quickly thrown together.

If you’d like to see any more examples, shoot me a DM on Discord.

Past Jobs

I have not worked for any major groups/games in the past. But, everyone has to start somewhere.

Past Jobs

Marathon Runner

A project I’ve been working on: Levels [DEMO]

Work Environment

Personally, when I come onto a project, I like a clean work environment with a well communicable team. Also having a well thought out game plan which would help keep me more organized.

When I’m scripting, I like to keep my code neat by writing them in functions. I believe it gives my workspace a cleaner look and it makes it easier to find errors in my code.

I’m always open to criticism, (harsh, or just mild.) It helps me improve how I code and my work environment.

Work Hours

I am available anytime from 10:00 AM EST - 11:00 PM, Monday to Wednesday.


I accept payment from group payouts or CAD. (Robux is my preferred method.) I do not accept percentages as if a game fails I will not be paid for my work.

For long term programmer jobs, I accept at minimum 25K robux or $87.50 USD a month.


You can contact me on Discord at Choccy Milk#4069

Thank you for taking the time to read my portfolio. :slightly_smiling_face:

Note: No simulators.

Please don’t respond to this portfolio unless you have an ongoing project with a plan.