[CLOSED] Searching for Juicebar builder

About Asavi
Asavi is a virtual Juicebar on the platform ROBLOX. We are currently in need of a builder to complete a Version One for our group.

Our team
@Ansovia - Owner & Founder
@astrozzyz - Scripter

About the position
We are looking for a high quality builder with experience in Modern/Lowpoly experience in our industry. We are expecting previous high quality work and a somewhat fast completion time.

What we’re looking for:

We expect our game to be a fairly high quality along with being completed within a reasonable amount of time.

We are paying in either Robux or USD. Either one of these methods is fine with us, however we would prefer USD.

You can contact us preferably on Discord at !anson#4916 or through DevForum.
We would appreciate working with someone who is 13+.

Thank you for your interest.


You should also include how much you’re paying, just my opinion.