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My name is Sebastian and I am a 3d Modeler. I specialize in vehicles and I have been making them for about the past year consistently. I have gotten better since then, but there is certainly room for improvement.

What I Do

If you read anything prior to this you would know that I make cars in Blender. My vehicles fall under the low to mid-poly area being about 40k tris (not including wheels.) I do not make interiors as I am not experienced in that area. Some vehicles are more difficult to make so there may be variations in the time it takes to make a model.

My Work

Here are some of my most recent works.


I work for 400-800 robux per car. This, of course, depends on the vehicle. A supercar with all of its vents and sharp angles will be up in the 800 area while a simple early 2000s economy vehicle will be around the 400 area. However, I need blueprints to make a car. I do not perspective model so I will need to be able to find decent blueprints for what you want me to make. If you want the car’s original wheels then that will probably be another 400ish robux as I haven’t made many of those. If I do not believe that I can make the vehicle you are asking for then I will message you. Expect a car to normally take anywhere in-between 4-5 days depending on if I am busy or not.


Twitter: @_sebsim
Devforum DMs
Discord: PriusGT#2413 (I dont check this as often)


I friended you on discord. Message me when you have a second.

This guy has some seriously stellar work. I comm’ed him for a bunch of low poly vehicles, and he got them all done relatively quickly and with no issues. Would recommend him 100%

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Sended you a friend req on Discord, Respond when you got the time my name is Pr.