[CLOSED] Seeking a Map Builder

About Us

Hey there! I’ve recently just created my own development group and are looking for a few developers to help us out long term but don’t mind if you’re looking for a one time job.


The Team
@Aeureas Lead Developer
@iDeadJ15 - Programmer
@Whoami102 - Programmer
@??? - Builder
@TheAposol - UI
@Spixeled - Graphic Designer

About The Job

We are currently working on a game called “Sniper Survival” in which you must get from point A to point B without getting killed. The game has a low detail/ low poly design. There is no rush on the project, so availability is not something we are greatly concerned about.

Example of Maps


What we’re looking to add:

*More maps! :slight_smile:


We are paying by a % of game revenue, or one time payments of a negotiated price in R$ for assets you create.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or add me on discord:
Aeureaus #6943

Have a good day! :slight_smile:

I’m interested in the programmer position. I sent you a friend request on Discord (Hotline#3507).

I could do the GFX for the project (fedoragfx#1122)

Sent you a friend request on discord I’m whostoletheguacamolle#9614

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