[CLOSED] Selling a WWII Themed Aircraft Carrier!


This aircraft carrier is now up for sale. It has a complete interior, and is well detailed although it also uses minimal parts to prevent lag in - game. It features completely furnished rooms including but not limited to:

  • A medbay
  • Multiple assembly rooms
  • A cafeteria
  • A loading bay for landing crafts
  • An armory
  • Rooms for high ranking officers
  • A bridge and multiple computer rooms
  • An engine room
  • Storage rooms
  • Soldiers Quarters

It also features a variety of unique, hand made props, deck features, and more. It was intended to be used as a home base for a United States military group.

Starting price of 20k Robux, or 70 USD. Willing to negotiate to an extent.

I prefer to be contacted on discord: DreadNautical#7764


To update, this carrier is no longer for sale.

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Theres a possibility he did sell it- All he said was it was no longer for sale.

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Well, i said just incase he didn’t.


I love how you wrote this comment assuming that it wasn’t already in my portfolios. Why did you also assume it wasn’t sold? I never stated that, and the addition of it no longer being for sale most definitely implies that it was…

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Sorry if it offended you. I was not trying to aim for that. I was just trying to help and suggest something you could try. Ill remove the comment.


As a side note, did you sell it?


This is worth way more than $70 man. Work of this quality would easily be worth $10/hr at an absolute minimum, and I feel this took more than 7 hours

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