[CLOSED] Shellshock Interactive | Minimalistic Main Menu (750R$)


Shellshock Interactive is a practically small game development studio, being formed late April 2021. We are currently working on our first project, a thrilling FPS in the hopes of making our studio title known to the roblox community. Further discussion of concept will continue if contacted.

Things you need to know

  • Payment is ONLY through group funds
  • Payment will not be given until verified, expected 26th July
  • Will be considered a Long Term position if work is done to a very high standard
  • If considered a Long Term position, you will be recruited as a Trial Developer.
  • More information about being a Trial Developer will be discussed when considered
  • Assets such as models will be provided in the final draft
  • Certain Placeholders will be required

Main Developers
@Cafran - Director, Lead Content Artist
@scripterZim - Game Designer, Lead Programmer
@2lmu - 3D Artist

Most Recent Progress


About The Job

We need a UI Designer capable of meeting high standards and is willing to create multiple iterations to get it right, your input is respect and appreciated as well.

We need minimalistic and clean UI similar to those in AAA titles.


image image




  • Must speak fluent English

  • Must provide a link to your portfolio and/or images of your most recent completions first before messaging further.

  • Providing a refined version of the concept above is appreciated but not necessary.

  • Must have read the entire post properly

  • There is no age requirement, however you MUST act appropriately and those immature will be instantly rejected

  • If interested, I will contact further regarding the commission.


We are paying 750R$. Scripting will not be necessary and extra work and iterations will not reward a higher pay. Our only method of payment is group funds, which the funds will be provided later this month.

By contacting me, you agree that you have read every word of this post properly.

Discord - Cafran#3510


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