[Closed] Shinyju's Portfolio [Builder]

About Me

Hello! I am Shinyju, most people call me Shin or Shiny. I specialize in building props and referenced buildings. I have been building for a while but mostly, I’m just working on commissions. I’m a proud member of the RAR community. :slight_smile:



This was a short term showcase that I did: Aquarium Showcase

3-day long work - Chinese showcase
A Chinese Scenery- 平塔楼 - Roblox

Some previous Work
Detailed builds- High Poly

Military Themed Builds

For @Luxorz 's work ( Military Themed)
Barracks Interior:

Barracks Exterior:

Office interior:

Meeting room interior:

Bit of obby:

For @Soap_y and @RiptideMorningstar’s Commission (Also Military Themed) :

Military Themed Obby:

Firing Range:

Soap_y’s USMC group
ResilientShark’s BA

Low Poly

Futuristic Builds for an FPS game:

Interior of the building:
Low poly bullet train for background decor.

Halloween Haunted Mansion for Unlimited Studios- 12 k Robux. It was based on CoD.

as reference.

Map commission for CrazyCorrs. Check out his games! CrazyCorrs

The group that I am working for currently:

Much thanks to @Coeman_577 for hiring me. It is a wonderful group to work with. I’m a Senior Developer here.

It is a pleasure to work for @ResilientShark. And the team has been very positive.


I am available for six to eight hours of work on the weekends. You can contact me at any time, however, on weekdays, I’m only available for certain times after 5 PM EST due to school.


Prices are negotiable, I accept either hourly pay or per asset. My preferred payment method is Paypal but I also accept group funds. I only take jobs of 10k+ since I usually dedicate a lot of time to builds.
There’s a 50% down payment for large commissions.

For PayPal payments, you must cover the fee for transferring the money. That way I can be paid in full.

My hourly rate is 15 $/hr or 4,250 robux per hour.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at My Twitter
Occasionally, I do post pictures of my work on Twitter :wink:

Discord: Shinyju#1831

Please keep in mind that I am always aiming to improve myself as I go. I will be updating this portfolio. Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: (Sorry for the bad formatting of this post, I’ve yet to understand dev forums’ way of making posts.)


I cannot recommend Shinyju enough. A highly talented, communicative, fast and friendly builder. If you’re on the fence about her work, definitely jump over it because it’s really great. Swift and effective and great to work with.

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Highly recommend @shinyju working alongside her I know that she is fast, hardworking, and friendly big vouch.

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Highly recommend her, she’s kinda, fast and super reliable. She makes awesome builds, you should definitely hire her!


New update on portfolio. Added some random stuff. Currently working on some bigger sized builds. :> Hopefully they will be done soon to show.


New update: Added a larger Halloween build of mine. :slight_smile: Spooky times.

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Fair builder. Did very good honest work in 2 hours.

Good psychology. Understanding.

If you’re stressed out with building and need something done in double speed then call shinyju.

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Great builder. Worked hard on my map even when I lacked communication.

Loves to make things perfect and to the best of their ability.

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Update 10/24/2020: Added in a new map build that I finished. Fixed up format od the pictures for builds so that you don’t have to scroll too hard.


I must say, after working with Shinyju a while I have come to see that she is an extremely talented builder and she always does what’s asked without arguing. I would definitely recommend her in any building situation.

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