CLOSED | SilverStaIIions | Terrain Artist and GUI

Hey everyone! I hope you all doing fine, I have been developping about 2 and a half years. I am currently looking to do commission so I can work for you! I have done commission for major group Nova Corporation.
I hope I can help you in your project as Terrain artist or by creating GUI for you!
On terrain I have been mastering optimization, to make the map to generate less lag and still working on terrain developpement.

You can view all personal project and comission I did on Nova Corporation

Terrain works


I also worked for Nova Corporation main Site Glacier ( Terrain only)

GUI Arts ( Still improving)


I am mostly availabe during weekday, since Friday, Saturday and sunday I work in irl! I will mostly work during evening.

Prices are negotiable and I preffer to be paid by group fund or by t-shirt but you must pay the taxes…

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or on Discord : SilverStallions#8742

I hope I can work for you as fast I can!


I can vouch for @SilverStaIIions, he manually optimized the terrain in my group’s game heavily. Truly a madlad you should consider.


Vouch. Glacier is a huge map and has very good terrain and optimization.

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I sent you a friend request, very interesting terrain work

Hey Silver, I’ve sent you a request on discord, I really like your work and hope we can work together.