[CLOSED] Sindeerly: Builder/Producer Portfolio

About Me (Builder)
Greetings Travelers :wave:. I am offering my service as a builder. I mainly focus on low poly builds, but I’m also able to create more detailed and realistic styled builds. I am also capable of creating and incorporating meshes into my builds. My goal is to improve my building skills and make amazing creations and games.

About Me (Producer)
I mainly focus on hip hop/trap instrumentals, but, with a few adjustments, I believe I can easily create a song that fits in a video game! I work with FL Studio to produce my songs. I also have basic music theory knowledge and mixing knowledge to bring the best quality, the best-sounding song you will ever need!

Some of my Works :muscle::muscle::muscle:
I will be looking forward to your constructive criticisms of my work and skills which I can improve upon.

Low Poly/Cartoony Style Builds
Low Poly Obstacle Courses

^ Only the obby was made by me.

Sci-Fi Styled Buildings
Sci-Fi Building #1

Sci-Fi Building #2

Low Poly Barn

Low Poly Firehouse


Low Poly Scenery

Medieval Builds

Medieval Houses

Other Medieval Assets

Low Poly Houses

Low Poly Town

House With Hidden Mine

Realistic Style Builds
Church Interior Design

Palace Interior Design

Throne Room


Gas Station

3D Models


Low Poly Swords

Nature Assets

My Songs

Stream Topaz Beats music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud

Availability :clock1::clock1::clock1:
I have basically all day free due to quarantine :frowning:
Still, I will only be taking small commissions for BUILDS.

If you want songs for your game you can request as much as you need and I’ll deliver!

Payment :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:

I accept payment in USD through Paypal only.


I am charging approximately $10 - $15 a song.

Estimated pricing: $10/hour for Builds

Contact :telephone_receiver::telephone_receiver::telephone_receiver:
Discord: Golf Boy#6784

I look forward to working with y’all! :+1::+1::+1:


I’m not a builder. (That nice disclaimer tho)

But in all honesty when I read you only had one month of experience. I was bracing myself for the worst. (Now before you guys start typing that reply). Your work is really good. I mean there’s some models that could be better of course like the Bridge, and Low Poly House.

The worst build on the list in my honest opinion was the office.

I think you should spend some more time on your models. I’m not trying to say you’re rushing it. But you could definitely achieve a better quality if you were to put a bit more time into them.

With that being said I look forward to your future works, and hope that you can get the experience you’re looking for.

:slight_smile: Also welcome to the community.


@T0ny does have a point, although for 1 month, your work isn’t bad, it can definitely be improved. I also recommend spending more time on your work, and soon, you’ll see an immense difference.

Goodluck to future commissions and work! :smile:


You’re definitely better than me when I started my first ever builds which were all done using the basic building tools from around 2012-2013.

Of course, we all learn and get better over time, but one thing I would heavily suggest is to use extensive reference images, or to go into other games, and see what ideas and techniques have been used.

It’s totally fine to magpie ideas, but you always have to try and avoid making an exact replica of your inspiration if it’s from a game you’ve played.

You also need to be able to observe what the builder has done, what materials or textures? The sizes of certain parts, have they used reflectance or transparency? Have they done anything with the lighting such as ColorShift and SunRays?

Anyways, good luck for the building future and I think with more practice should people reach out to you, your skills will only develop further.

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Thank you for your advice. Your builds look absolutely stunning and really inspires me. I’m trying to transition into focusing on low poly designs; are there any tips I should keep in mind of?

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Low-poly always seems to follow a certain style and colour palette.
Builds within the low-poly style also look to use SmoothPlastic a lot, but some tips:

Make Sure To :white_check_mark:

Use reference, ideally look at Simulators.
Make sure your builds don’t look to realistic, but don’t look too different.
Make sure that you strike the right balance between cartoon and realism!
Use soothing, light colours and don’t make it an eye-sore.
Reflectance is good for low-poly, make sure to use it.
Neon parts for windows should have a SmoothPlastic part with transparency over them.
Add different parts to builds, like second floors and side parts of the buildings.

Stay Away From :negative_squared_cross_mark:

Making it too realistic or too detailed, it’s all about balance.
Making your builds super colourful with bright yellows and pinks and greens that JUMP out.
Using too much reference, it’s quite contradicting but let it strike your imagination further.
Don’t make stuff too regimented, allow it to flow and have a unique theme.

I’m actually super happy that my builds have managed to inspire you, it’s definitely made my day and made me feel quite humble! Good luck to anything else you do, you sound like a super nice guy and a good partner to work with.


Updated for the months of May and June.

Updated portfolio with brand new builds.

Updated portfolio with 3D Models I have created as well as news builds.

These Are Really Good Low Poly Builds Keep It up!

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Highly satisfied with the final product I was given, not to mention the speed I was given it. I would definitely recommend Ghhgnchg when he is around!

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Hello, going to start taking commissions again. Only looking for small commissions if you’re looking for builds/3D - Models.

I am also accepting commissions for songs now too! This will be my main focus as I’m extremely passionate about this.

Looking forward to working with anyone :grinning: :+1:

I absolutely love your work, and would love to collaborate with you.
Discord: Skylexion#1457

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I really like your work. Do you do pets too?

hello I am looking to hire you for a project would love to hear from you my discord is ROWG_Leader#3822

Here is my game: