[CLOSED] SizzleBurger is seeking a Builder! [210K+ MEMBERS]

Hello there!

My name is SilverAuthority and I’ve been on the ROBLOX Imagination Platform for over 8 years and have been operating my own community called SizzleBurger for the past 5 years.

What is SizzleBurger?

SizzleBurger is one of the most popular restaurant roleplay communities on the platform to date. You can join the community and partake in different roles within the business either as a customer, cashier, cook, or manager! SizzleBurger currently has over 210,000 members and brings in an average of 10,000 users daily. Our main game holds a concurrent player count of around 100 players which exceeds 200 players during peak hours.

You can check out our community here:

About The Job

I’m currently looking for a builder who is looking to build for me on a full-time basis, or who wishes to complete one job and move onto something else. A builder who is over the age of 13, can communicate with me a daily basis, can build low-poly maps, buildings, interiors, and furniture with a cartoony theme within a reasonable amount of time is what we are looking for.

Specific details of what the build will consist of will be presented to those I am interested in working with. The most detail that I can provide in this post is that you will be tasked with building a large map that consists of a restaurant building, and other buildings and scenery.


All payments will be issued through group funds and will be discussed before the project is started. I’m looking to spend between 75,000-150,000 R$ for this project unless the builder wishes to work full time and wants to take up to 8% of the group’s revenue plus a bonus payment for this large-scale project.

Contact Information

if you are interested in applying for this position, please send me a message on the developer forum with an organized portfolio of your work. If you are unable to send messages on the devleoper forum, you can message me on Twitter @SilverAuthority. The candidate selected will then be able to then message me from Discord.

Thanks for reading!



He doesn’t take commissions anymore, no need to ping him.


Hi. I am interested in being part of your group as a builder since I think I have the experience and the right talent for the work that is provided to me. ;)!

https://twitter.com/kenk_yt My works

Waiting for a response :slight_smile:

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They have hired a builder, as the topic says “[CLOSED]”.

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