[CLOSED] SizzleBurger - Recruiting Builders (92k+ Member Group)

About Me & My Community

Hello there!

My name is SilverAuthority and I’ve been on the ROBLOX Imagination Platform for over 8 years and have been operating my own group called SizzleBurger for the past 5 years. The group has grown to over 92,000 members and is still operating to this very day. In our group, you are able to join and take on the role of a customer at our main restaurant game, or apply and become an employee and help take orders or make the food and serve customers.

About The Job

I’m currently seeking a builder who can build a somewhat large, high-quality map in a low poly/cartoony style. It would consist of a main large restaurant building as the main takeaway from the build, but also include things such as scenery, roads, beaches, possibly houses, and more.

I’m not only looking for someone who can provide a quality build, but someone who is also dedicated to their work, and is a good communicator. I tend to check in with my developers on a daily basis to ensure work is being done within an appropriate amount of time, and to ensure the finished product is perfect.


I’m expecting to pay anywhere between 30,000R$-80,000R$ for this project, and willing to negotiate prices. My preferred payment method is Robux. You would receive a group fund payout from the group which would allow that money to be cashed out through the developer exchange if you wish.

Contact Information

if you are interested in joining my development team for this upcoming project, feel free to contact me on Discord (SilverAuthority#0001) or on my group’s twitter page (https://twitter.com/SizzBurgerRBLX) with a portfolio of your recent work for me to review. I prefer to be contacted on Discord if you are on it, but Twitter can also work. Please also let me know if you send me a friend request on Discord as I have my notifications off as I tend to get a lot of friend requests daily. Thanks in advance.

Thanks for reading!

Warm Regards,


Pretty interested in this position, will put together a portfolio.

Sounds good. Please also let me know if you send me a friend request on Discord as I have my notifications off as I tend to get a lot of friend requests daily. Thanks.

Ok, sent a friend request. My tag is hockeylover29#4312

Sent you a dm on forum, also invited on discord Pikol53#8613

I have worked with SilverAuthority in the past; I found that he was highly productive, understanding and a person that has impacted my view on the platform positively. I will be recommending this post to anyone who is currently looking for a job; with that being said best look to anyone who lands the job or applies!

I’m interested in joining your development team! Here’s my portfolio:

My Discord tag is ForeverRuffian#0155.

Are you still hiring? I’m interested if you are still!

DMed you on discord.

I am quite interested myself, but I’m not into Blender creating ‘cartoony or low poly’ type meshes, etc.

I wish those the best of luck whom get the job.

Sent a friend request on discord as well as followed the group on twitter!

Hi everyone,

I found a builder for my project. However, if anyone is seeking possibly a smaller build project (Training center, etc.) feel free to contact me.


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