[CLOSED] Sky High Productions. Now Hiring!

Sky High Productions. is now hiring developers!

About the game:
The game is a mixture of redwood prison and prison life.

There are 3 teams. Guards, Inmates (prisoners), and Criminals.
Inmates try to escape prison as the guards stop them. Criminals assist the inmates in escaping.

The team:
Director: @DailyPlayedRoblox
Builder: @ndh1015
Scripter: @FriendlyBuilder24
Gfx: @shadow_duo324
We already have a modeler

Payment will be discussed privately

Group: Sky High Productions. - Roblox

Discord: DailyPlayedRoblox#3357

Any questions? Please leave a comment.

I am interested in GFX. Add me on discord: shadow_duo324#1439 and we can sort that out there. Here is my portfolio as well:

Hey, I’m FriendlyBuilder24 a 3 years experienced scripter and I want to help you with this project. I would like to become the scripter my portfolio is this and my YouTube channel is this


Contact me through roblox or discord, I would recommend discord because I’m always online. My discord is FriendlyBuilder24#9768 hope I’m accepted if not I understand, thank you for your time!

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