[CLOSED] Skyrise Entertainment is hiring a Full-Time programmer!


About Us

Salutations from Skyrise Entertainment! We are an upcoming group with high expectations and are expecting to hit the Front Page with our newest game idea! Our project has high hopes and high chances with our proven monetization tactics, along with the support from many influencers and top game designers! Without further ado, we’re searching for an interested programmer who can help us reach this dream goal!

The Team:

@Pixepel - Creative Director, Map Builder, and UI Designer

@Phateny - Technical Director and Music Composer

@ArtificiaIz - Social Media Marketer (Influencers)

@siro_art - Graphic Artist

@janzerstatiooon - Small Asset 3D Modeler

@JimmyCornel - Large Asset 3D Modeler

Unoccupied - Programmer

About The Job

We are looking for a high-quality FULL-TIME programmer who can maintain a professional attitude and can complete tasks efficiently. We’re making an RPG / Town and City mixed game. The job will consist of relatively small tasks with the exception of a few large tasks, and Pixepel will be able to assist on most of the programming. We are looking for a single programmer who can meet deadlines, work with a team, and have the social skills required to work with us. You will be working with us for around 4-6 weeks. If you meet these requirements and are interested in this highly successful opportunity, don’t be afraid to contact us found in “Contact Us”. Note, your proficiency does not necessarily matter in choosing an applicant. We want someone who can communicate and deliver updates efficiently along with having the experience needed.

The Requirements

If you are interested in becoming a programmer for Skyrise Entertainment, you will be working on various tasks, some being:

  • In-Game Building similar to Bloxburg and Adopt Me
  • Vehicle Mechanics
  • Data saving and Daily Rewards
  • Job functionality (ex. fishing)

… and many more! (not listed for privacy)

You will need to have at minimum,

  • 1 Year of Scripting Experience
  • A portfolio showcasing your best work
  • Reputable past employers
  • A friendly attitude


As far as payment goes, you will be paid 25% of the games total revenue.

This number is a quarter of the games revenue, and as you aren’t the only programmer on the team, and you are only making the function of the game, this is a very fair and healthy percentage.

Contact Us

If you meet the requirements, or have any inquiries to the project, you can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at



The game name is not released on this forum post for a variety of reasons.

If you meet the requirements, then we will release the game details for you via DM’s.

Thanks for reading!


Very interesting opportunity for you guys, not a programmer but I would take this job if I was. Good Luck to All who Apply

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