[CLOSED] Snape Studios is hiring a Builder and 3D Modeler

Snape Studios

Snape Studios is a game studio founded by @gozaru, creators of Coder Simulator. Our game has received over 3 million visits and reached above 3,000 concurrent players. We are looking to make a sequel to our previously successful game.

The Job

Necessary Traits

  • Experience in building large-scale maps while optimizing for parts and trigs count
  • Experience with other large-scale game studios
  • Thorough knowledge of ROBLOX studio and blender to enable the use of building techniques to achieve the job in an efficient manner
  • Great communication skills to present and comprehend complex ideas in varying technical levels through different mediums, including voice-chat
  • Reliable and dependable tendencies to ensure deadlines being met
  • Organized workflow environment and willing to present ideas in docs or trello


The map design is crucial to Coder Simulator 2. The map consists of a city, where the player can access their own properties. The purchasable properties are:

  • The garage of a house
  • A storage unit in a storage unit lot
  • The first floor of an office building
  • A warehouse

These properties are upgradeable, thus slight variants have to be made, such as a slightly larger garage or a second floor in the office building. The dimensions for all the properties and their updates are already set.

The properties will be placed in the city, forming different regions, ranging from the suburbs with only houses, to the industrial area with warehouses. These regions will also be decorated with their according assets, such as:

  • Trees
    • Benches
    • Park
      • Benches
      • Sand box
      • Fountain
      • Slide
      • Swings
    • Skate park
      • Halfpipe
      • Rails
    • Grass blades
    • Construction area
      • Cranes
      • Dumpsters
    • Trash cans
    • Dumpsters
    • Drains
    • Manhole covers
    • Lamppost
    • Rocks on the ground
    • Dirty sidewalks

The intended audience for the game is child-friendly. By this token, the building style must comprise of low-poly, cartoony, rounded buildings. The general color scheme will be pastel colors. Below are some examples of the building style needed for this game, courtesy of @sir_trolling.




Our goal is to form a reliable, communicative, and effective team. Collaboration is very important to Snape Studios, thus the preferred form of compensation would be one that encourages you to continue working as a part of our team. We prefer to pay a percentage of the profits generated by the game, a stake of our game, per se. This is negotiable.

We are aware that certain builders prefer being paid a static cost, so as an alternative we are willing to compensate for building with a one-time payment per each update released, in ROBUX. The payment will be negotiable depending on the size of the update.

How to Apply

You must be 15 years or older to apply. Before applying, ensure that you are capable of building to the great level of detail and professionalism as the examples shown. Also, ensure you’ve read the whole thread thoroughly.
To apply, message “AndreW#5912” on discord or @gozaru_dev on twitter using this format:


Previous experience: (previous commissions, studios, years building)
Portfolio: (images or videos of previous work, NO GAME LINKS)

Once you’ve done this, reply to this thread saying you’ve messaged/added me, including your discord or twitter name. This will ensure I get to you as fast as possible.


Added you and applied,

  • unvanish#5343

I’m the programmer on this game, and can say the job will pay well and provide valuable experience.

Gozaru’s a serious guy and I urge you to apply.

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Hello! I’m @Lil_SharkyBoy a barely new 3D Artist and Programmer, but now I’m most specialized on Modeling! I already contacted you and I’m very interested on being part of something like this, this can give me experience and some fame and something really good to put on my portfolio! :smiley:

My Discord tag is: SharkyBoy#2024

I hope I can talk to you and you can give further details and later, we can work togheter!

I have added you on discord, nedelcu#6666.

°Age: Im 16 yrs old

°Previous experience: I’ve worked with cvibes the owner of this group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/3664324/Adopt-and-Raise-Fans#!/about for a soon to be released game! I also worked with this group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/3013103/Game-of-Thrones#!/about , and i’ve worked with xuefei before (don’t have any links because the game was discontinued) And alot more projects im not allowed to list!

°Portfolio: Hi, im very interested! [OPEN] 2lmu - Build/Graphics/3d modelling | Portofolio That is my protofolio, im 100% sure i can fullfill your needs with my server!! I sent you a fr on discord: snez#3229

Are you still hiring ?

Interested in position.

Yes, we are until thee thread says “Closed”

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im interseted my disc is AndresHila#9067

I’m confused, the jobs are separate according to the title, is the 50-100k for each job as well? What % are we looking at in a ballpark estimate?

Added you

Sent a request, do want a bit more info on the project.


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