[CLOSED] Solera Hotels & Resorts (273k+) is hiring a Logo/Vector Artist!

Solera Hotels & Resorts is a large-sized hotel-roleplay group owned by zionevans and co-owned by Lxevz with over 273,000 members.

@Zionevans - Founder & Chairman
@Lxevz - Co Founder
@DevDraggo - Architect
@Volieb - Programmer

Solera is looking for a professional and experienced digital artist/logo vector designer, to create our group’s new branding logo. This is a text logo that must represent our group, our brand, and our values. We need this done in a timely fashion, with a deadline around the end of October-Begining of November. We would prefer an individual with years of experience with this type of work, and someone who has worked for other large and notable groups.

Here are some examples of the type of product we would need.


We would be willing to pay anything around 5,000 - 7,000 Robux for a single logo through group funds, but some USD prices could work.

We would love to negotiate if needed.

If you are interested, please contact me through the deveoper forum by either replying, direct messaging me, or message me through Discord at LEV#0001.


For our group, click here.

To join our discord server, enter code ‘solera’.

Thank you for stopping by! :smile:

-Lev, Co Founder of Solera Hotels and Resorts. :hotel: :palm_tree:


I can help you with this! Netto#2778

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I recommend @Aok_G

I might be interested, Itsyourdriver#7497

(keep in mind that. I’m always open to trying new things!)
(I know that I look closed, I’m just open to logo design as of right now)

I am Interested

Discord: Pansorial_YT#1438

I am interested, please send me a friend request mason!#3783 and I will get back to you ASAP.

Hey, I’d be delighted to become a logo designer for your group! Even though I unfortunately haven’t worked at large groups, I hope you’d be interested!

Check out my portfolio:

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Wow, great work! Will consider it 100%!

I recommend @hakobmher. He is really fast at working and his work is amazing!

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Hey! I’m interested into working for the group! However I am still learning new things when I am making GFX, but I am interested in working with you! :^)

My portfolio is here → Linko_Aviation's Portfolio [PERMANENTLY CLOSED]

Sent a friend request via discord.

Examples can be given once added.

I must say, their new logo is fire!

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