[CLOSED] Solera Resorts (261K+) is looking for a Programmer/Scripter

About The Group:

Solera Hotels & Resorts is a resort orientated group with 261K+ lovely members! We are currently looking for a high skilled Programmer who can develop for us and is willing to be commissioned long term.

The Current Team:

@zionevans [Founder & Owner]
@Lxevz [Co Founder & Graphic/UI Designer]
@Volieb [Lead Programmer/Scripter]
@DevDraggo [Architect/Builder]
@Zxacqz [Former Developer] (Added due to people ensure if I had permission)
@YOU [Intern Programmer]

Job Description:

We are looking for a highly skilled and experienced Programmer with well over 2 years of experience that is willing to be commissioned long term. The team isn’t just a team, we’re a family that communicates with each other and builds a relationship with trust over time.

We expect high-quality work that match to our game’s style and descriptions given out to you. Development progress will be checked daily.

You will be part of the same group chat and Studio group to keep communication simple and straight forward.

This job will be long-term, you will remain in your development positions even after the process has ended. We’re looking for a member that will stick by us throughout our whole time running the group. Payment will be consistent.


You will receive 30,000-40,000 Robux for each version scripted. However, you will have to spend time as an intern developer.


Please join the Solera Communications Server (discord.gg/solera) and apply in the #programmer-applications channel.

If you require any assistance, please message VINNY#0001 or LEV#0001 on DISCORD.

Good luck!


The only way to apply is through Discord. Join our communications server for the application. Best of luck!

Group Overseer

Are you able to give a little more information on the job description?

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You will obtain more information in our Discord Server.

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Hello, there Bacion! Currently I was asked for a personal favor from Volieb. You can confirm with the Senior High Rank Team that this is the case. If you have any questions, contact Divxrgentz VINNY#0001 or LEV#0001.

Thank you and best of luck!

Former Developer.

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Interested… Discord: abd#4952

Hi, I’m interesed , my disc is DoryShelby0#3174 Everything about me

We will not contact you. You will be required to join our communications server as mentioned below. Look in the Application Category!


Hi, I’m interested and I see that you don’t have an animator and I’m good with animations. If you want examples of the animations that I do, contact me at discord: ronald_YT # 4379

Joined, sorry for that problem

Hey there! I’m definitely interested! Love the group, I’m applying in the Discord server.

Just to clarify, this post was approved by Solera. This is not a fake post. Please stop accusing Zack of posting this without permission when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

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Unfortunately, we are only looking for programmers. Apologies.

Hello, everyone!

We have finally closed our applications, and would like to wish everyone the best of luck upon results.

On behalf of the Solera Development Team & Myself,

Thank you for taking your time and kindly applying.

Group Overseer

Head Developer/Programmer


Great to hear! Good luck to everyone that applied!


Good to hear for people that applied.

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