[CLOSED] Sparkatic Studios - Looking for Scripter(s)

About Us

Hello my name is Sparkatic, I am 17 and a Game Designer. I am capable of designing entire games as I am an artist of many medias. I am part of a unnamed Development group working on the making of Bakugan: Titanium generation with the job of mob meshing. I currently do not run any dev groups of my own but would like to start, There is only 1 other developer part of my small team as a beginner mesher with the job of giving an extra hand around the game design when I am sometimes busy.

The Team

@TheMangleWolf (Me) - Game Design & Lead Dev
@Shori - Secondary Design helper
@username- Scripter

Game Screenshots


Our Progress: 🎃Samhain🎃 - Roblox

About The Job

We are looking for an Experienced Scripter over the age of 15 to work with us on creating a Halloween themed game planned to release of October 2020 seeing as the covid pandemic will be making halloween a bit more harder to celebrate this year I wanted to give everyone the best experience to make up for it. I have a set amount of robux put away for advertisement of the game.

You will be expected to:

  • Make a working in-game shop
  • Make a menu screen
  • Manage in-game currency
  • Saving data
  • Make working quests from npcs
  • Some door to door trick or treating things

We are planning to release the game by october 31st, giving around 3 months of time ahead.


I can offer a starting 5k Robux and 40% of revenue pay later on, if 2 scripters are needed the work and pay will be cut in half, 3k Robux and 25%. Paypal prices can be negotiated.

Contact Us

You must be over the age of 15 to apply, please leave a portfolio or showcase of your work. You can contact me here on the Dev Forum but I will respond quickest to discord.
Discord: Sparkatic#1876

Btw I’m Pacific timezone

Let me know if your interested! :smile:

I am interested here is my portfolio:

You said if 2 scripters are needed then the pay would be cut in half, so don’t you mean 2.5k robux instead of 3k and 20% instead of 25%?

well yes, but since the team is so small I’d like to offer more.

Do you have any links for the games you have scripted for? it is hard to determine your coding skills with no examples, I need a good scripter who can work on a deadline.

I’m interested, but not sure if I’ll be available, as I was hired for an up to 3 week project. I don’t have any portfolio yet, but I looked over the list of what you’re expecting from the scripter, and I should be able to do all the requirements. I’ll add you on discord (IgnWombat#6911)

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