[CLOSED] Staff Key or Open Door


About the Project
I am looking for someone who can make a Key Door that staff from my School Group can get and open the door for the users to go in.
If you can’t do that^, then I am looking for someone who can make a door where staff click on it, a gui pops up to let them open it or close it and when they press open the door goes clear and when they close it goes black.

I feel like this is a simple job, so I am offering 5-10$ worth of Robux, it will be through funds. I would do it myself but I genuinely do not know how to script or make doors.

If interested in the Project please contact me through discord.

Discord: GoingRiich#4827

Have a wonderful day!

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Quick question, what rate is this at? DevEx rates, bought directly from Roblox?

I do not know what you mean- I was planning on buying it through Roblox and put it through funds.

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Bought directly from Roblox, okay.

DevEx rates, is the ratio of Robux to USD developers use to calculate how much they’ll get from DeveloperExchanging (or DevExing); that’s 0.0035 USD for one Robux (350 USD for 100k Robux)

I’m interested and have added you on discord.

I can do this for you if it’s still open, (modelling the keycard, scripting the keycard, auding audio/sound effects and animating the door) I’ve sent you a request on discord

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