[CLOSED] Stage Stars is Hiring an Animator

About Us

We are Stage Stars, a platformer fighting game of the Smash Bros./Brawlhalla genre. We are looking to recruit an animator to join the team.

The Team
@AceOfParts - Director / Builder
@kodeti - Graphics / Modeler
@Stranded_OceAn - Builder / Modeler
@Corporatte - Scripter
@NeonD00m - Scripter
BloxyComics - Animator

Our social media with some teasers:

About The Job

  • Must be able to animate multiple different rigs, including custom ones
  • Be able to animate fighting and movement animations
  • Be able to cooperate, follow orders, and be active
Example of a map

Our game will need multiple animations for each of the 12 fighters. This includes movement and ability animations.


We are paying a one-time sum of R$ depending on the work that is created. If you wish to continue and work with us past initial release, you will also be paid in %. If work is unsatisfactory you will be removed from the team and all created work will be unused.

Contact Us

You can contact us on Discord via kodeti#6274 or AceOfParts#9361
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thank you for reading.


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