[CLOSED] Starnamics - Experienced Programmer & Web Developer


Contributed to over 30 million visits and over 1 million group members
Over 4 years of experience developing on Roblox


Hey there, I am Starnamics.

I have been developing on Roblox for over 4 years and have a vast knowledge regarding game development on Roblox. I specialize in programming as well as web development and software development. I’ve been on Roblox for over 8 years as well.

During my time as a developer on Roblox, I’ve developed for and contributed to many games, some small ones and some large ones and as of the time of writing this, I have contributed to over 30 million visits on the platform.

I am knowledgeable of quite a lot of fields, almost all aspects of programming on Roblox, web development with React and various other JavaScript frameworks, software development with Node.js, interface design on Roblox, project management for games and websites and game design on Roblox.

I tend to develop for roleplay based groups on Roblox such as café & restaurant groups, SCP groups and military groups but I also have experience developing simulator games and various other types of games.

I love to expand my knowledge about all subjects that interest me and I love to take on challenges and I am particularly skilled at fixing problems such as in-game bugs.

Work Experience

Below are some games, groups and projects that I have worked on;

Groups (ordered by size)

These are not all the groups that I have worked on

Games (ordered by size)

  • Currently there are no large games to list (excluding the games that I’ve worked on for the groups listed above)

Open Source Projects

These are not all my projects, only some of my best ones


Software, Tools & Services

  • Visual Studio Code
  • GitHub
  • Roblox Studio
  • Figma
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Git
  • MongoDB
  • Heroku
  • Vercel
  • Cloudflare

Frameworks & Languages

  • Lua/Luau
  • JavaScript & Node.js
  • PHP
  • TailwindCSS
  • React.js
  • Qwik & QwikCity
  • Express
  • Next.js
  • Discord.js
  • Noblox.js


  • Discord API
  • Roblox API
  • GitHub API
  • PayPal API
  • Twitter API

Skill Sets

  • Project Management
  • Software Development
  • Game Development
  • Web Development
  • Team Management
  • Community Management
  • Marketing


I typically charge between :robux_gold: 10,000 and :robux_gold: 1,000,000 for the majority of commissions.
Pricing usually depends on the difficulty of the commission.
I will sometimes accept USD instead of Robux ($35 to $3,500 USD).

For contract work, I accept hourly, salaried or per task payment, below are my rates:

  • Hourly: $35 to $60 USD per hour or :robux_gold: 10,000 to :robux_gold: 17,500 per hour
  • Salaried: Negotiable
  • Per Task: $35 to $500 USD or :robux_gold: 10,000 to :robux_gold: 150,000

Payment is fully negotiable however I usually expect a down-payment for large projects.


You can contact me via the Developer Forum or Discord.

Developer Forum: @Starnamics
Discord: starr#0001



Starnamics is one of the most amazing programmers I’ve ever worked with. He’s doing an excellent job making Admin Systems and he is putting tons of effort into his scripts or UI’s. He has great skill
and I wouldn’t choose any other programmer or Web Developer to hire.


Starnamics is an amazing and enthusiastic developer. I work with him at Tsunami Sushi. His skill particularly in the field of scripting/programming is very efficient and profound. Not only that, he is also highly sharp-witted in logic, problem solving and bug fixing. Highly recommended for those who are in need of quick and professional scripters. Great guy to work with!


Starnamics is an amazing programmer, he is very skilled at his job and puts his hard sweat and tears into everything he does. Working with him on Interception and Exodus was a great teachable moment for a new developer like me.