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About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a logo maker. I specialize in logo creation. I have been making logo’s for 2 weeks on Roblox and have previously worked on titles such as Beans Hotel & Resort and Stoob Studios.


Here is some of my work!

Logo (4)
Logo (2)
Logo (3)
Logo (5)
Logo (6)


I am available for two to five hours of work on the weekdays. You can contact me any time, and I am available all day on the weekends.


Prices are negotiable, I accept either by t-shirts or game pass, tax will be added for both options since group funds is no longer an option.

Pricing and example!


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: mini_stoob#3229

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Can you make GFX?
They look Good!

I have updated the portfolio and added more logo examples!