[CLOSED] Super Fighting Friends


We are creating a game that aims for the same concept as Super Smash Brothers. The core part of the game is a platform fighter with a plethora of unique characters, stages, and more. we’ve started a few months back, but I’d say we’ve made plenty of progress so far. There will be 8 characters for the full game, with a good chance of more to be added in the future. The stage list varies, however.


CONTACT ME TO GET THE JOB: Sgt Puncake#6348 (discord)
Director, Lead Builder, GUI Designer
1-2 years of building experience


Co-Director, Animator, GFX designer
2.5 years of animation, about 1 year in scripting



(is there a word for a third owner? like Tri-Director?), Main scripter
8 months of experience



Music Maker, Mesher


I believe he uploads all his music to his youtube channel, so i don’t mean to advertise, but here it is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Q4BT-p1gNwAgRhegkeBEQ?view_as=subscriber


The whole job is a long term commitment because keep in mind, there will be more characters, skins, recolors, and just a lot in the future. But right now, we need 6 shirts and 7 pairs of pants. The style I wanted to aim for was a mix of cartoony, sleek, and somewhat detailed, paired with “Cel Shading”

The characters you will design outfits for are

  • Owari, a shy and timid schoolgirl with electric powers.
  • Ronin, a special force kinda guy in a mech suit like Gundam iron man or something.
  • Sion, your typical anime swordsman who specializes in light magic.
  • Fragtrap, a rusty, old robot constructed out of trash who is experienced pyrotechnic and loves to blow stuff up
  • Bloodrayne, a vampiress, who wields a bat scythe, and has a look similar to Nix from brawlhalla
  • Finn, an energetic fighter who loves to make a show of every fight and talks down other fighters. He likes to battle unarmed and has kinda flaming melee attacks at times. Much like the scout from TF2
  • Flora, the wood-elf, fairy, pixie, dryad (i don’t know honestly, shes all of them at once) who masters a bow for attacking.
  • Mementra, a mercenary who uses high-tech gadgets to attack such as proximity mines, blasters, and acrobatics

I can ONLY PAY VIA PayPal I was thinking maybe 10 USD PER COSTUME (meaning both pants and shirts are 10) as a starter, but the price will be negotiable. If I ask for a redo or edit, I’ll probably toss in a little money for that as well BUT ONLY IN RETROSPECT, NOT WHEN ITS STILL BEING MADE, and based on how big I want the change.

Thank you for reading, I hope you consider joining us for this project!


Can you provide clothing examples of what you want?
Since I don’t take PayPal and only Robux; Depending on the clothing examples, I will probably be willing to do the job for free.

Here is my portfolio: [OPEN] MissMae15 - Clothing Commissions

Send me a PM for more info.

Hiya, I’m interested in this position! I’ll link my clothing portfolio below. :slight_smile:

:link: | [OPEN!] AriiDaCreator | Clothing Designer

I’ll also contact you through discord (AriiDaCreator#4841). I look forward to speaking to you soon! :heart:

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Hi! I’m interested in the job if you’re still accepting designers! I’ve contacted you on Discord (my username is Rabbit Goddess#2618) and this is my portfolio: Bunnifi's Portfolio (Commissions Open)

Is this still open? Because I’d love to take the job! My discord is 𝓻𝓸𝓼𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓮.#1501. I dont use paypal, so I could just do these for practice. Heres my portfolio: [OPEN] [For hire] Clothing Designer and Artist

i would love to apply for clothing artist my cord is M. :doughnut:#4142 [Since u pay in USD is it possible to do digital Gift cards instead]

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