[Closed] Tasama's Portfolio

Last edit: 1/25/2021
Am I currently available?
I am only considering hiring proposals from already established games.
I am not taking animation commissions.

What’s new kangaroo?
Many things.

About me
Hello, I am, well, that’s hard to describe. Jack of all trades -master of none- fits me best.



Gun taunt
Cartoon gunfire
Flashy gun reload
Swinging around a large blunt object
Run cycle
Combat idle
Cartoon walk cycle
Death animation
First person assault rifle firing
Taunt 1
View model animation practice
Webley fire cycle
Webley reload
Makarov reload
Scorpion reload
RPK single fire
RPK reload
R6 idle
Various animations in Riot Simulator.

Modeling work

There’s more stuff but right now I’m too lazy to get pictures of it.

Programming work

This is a challenge to show. Most of my programming knowledge is in the form of tech demos for myself that I’m not willing to show, simply because they’re not in a state I would want to release them publicly. With that said, there are a few things.
This demo here is one I’m particularly fond of, it also happens to have my data storage system, though that isn’t particularly visible.
I scripted for Riot Simulator.
This is a community tutorial I made about procedural animation.
This is an example of that tutorial put into practice.
I do not consider myself especially talented at programming, I am mostly self taught and have only participated in high school level programming courses. I do not currently use any language other than Lua.

Projects I’ve worked on
Complex 91
Climbing Simulator
Riot Simulator
Two Player Domination Tycoon
Ultimate Driving Series Note: I worked as a tuner, somebody who ported over vehicles to the new chassis.
I’ve also helped out a lot of friends, though these contributions are minor and I won’t be posting them.

Message me at any time! I will respond as soon as I see it. I am in the Eastern time zone, UTC−05:00.

I prioritize what I prioritize. Factors such as how I am treated, how I am paid, the project’s status, and my own personal feelings all factor into this. My friends and colleagues can attest to how reliable or unreliable I am.
Do not contact me if you have a set schedule for when to work. I tend to be active when others are, but not always.


Minimized for your sanity

Animation commissions

  • 50% down payment before I start.
  • The model I am to animate with must be ready and sent to me within 48 hours of you hiring me.
  • You must send a list of the animations you want within 48 hours of you hiring me. References are a must! Even still images help!
  • You must be willing to make changes to said model if I request it, or allow me to make changes to the model. EX: “Hey can I add a joint here to get more articulation?” Obviously, all requests I will make will be within reason and I will provide an explanation as to why I need/would like that edit to be made.
  • You must understand that I am freelance. I am commissioned by you, I am not, and should not be seen as, a permanent team member unless specifically brought on as one. This is not to say that I will cut contact with you after our partnership is over, but I am not obligated to stay with your team under any circumstances.
  • You must allow me to post any and all work I have done for you to this portfolio, my Twitter, my website, and anywhere else I see fit. Within reason. If you want the game to be a surprise, I can respect that.

Modelling commissions

  • To-be-written. I am currently only modelling when brought on as a full team member.

Scripting commissions

  • These do not exist. I will only script for you if brought on as a full team member.

General hiring

  • Two week no-competition agreement. I cannot look for a better offer having accepted yours, you cannot look for a better team member after having hired me. after this period, both parties have the ability to walk away, assuming all debts are paid, and with 48 hours of prior notice, without providing a specific reason.
  • 20% minimum percentage of profits if the game has already released but has no active playerbase.
  • 10% minimum percentage of profits if the game has released and has a semblance of an active playerbase.
  • 20% minimum percentage of profits and 2,000 Robux (after tax) hiring fee if the game has not released.
  • Any work I contribute I must be allowed to add to my portfolio and Twitter.


Open to see my payment information.

I usually charge 1000R per animation. This is subject to change according to complexity. (is it super long? Is it super short and simple?) Most animations shown above would be priced at 1000R. I usually add in small variations at highly reduced prices, or for free.

I also accept USD via Paypal at base a rate of $10.00 per animation. Same rules apply as above. This is my preferred method of payment. This rate is subject to increase with complexity and length.

I do not take percentages for commission work. Hire me for that.

You pay before you get any files.

I reserve the right to deny your commission if…

  • I don’t believe I can produce something satisfactory to your standards
  • You have a bad reputation for whatever reason
  • You continue to request changes
  • I cannot work within your deadlines
  • I am already booked
    Along with any other reasons I might have, such as unprofessional behavior on your part.

All requirements are set in stone, I will not work for you if you do not agree to all of them.

  • All payments are after tax.
  • All animations are stored offline. You’re in charge of uploading them.
  • All animations are done in Roblox Studio, saved as KeyframeSequences, and sent as .rbxm files.

You may contact me here,
Or on Twitter.
I tend to move discussion to Discord for ease of use. Due to security concerns, I do not accept random friend requests on Discord. Thank you for understanding.

Closing statement
I hope my skills interest you! :call_me_hand:


I think the payment is a little low 100R, i see people charge 20K for animating. You should higher your prices plus like the animations keep it up…!


You should credit me for the models Wicked :wink:

I completely recommend working with Taz, extremely active and very timely with animations.

Great prices and overall animates beautifully.

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Thanks for the compliment!
As for my prices… They’ll be changed once I prove that my quality is consistently high and I have a few finished projects under my belt to reference.


It looks like your Discord privacy settings prevent me from sending a friend request. I’ll message you here for means of efficiency. This is just a notification to you and to other potential clients.

Those particular animators also rarely get commissioned as the majority don’t have 20k to spare. If she wants to get on consumers good side than she’ll appease us with flexible, affordable rates. An animator is optional however isn’t important to all aspects of gameplay. I.e a gun can still be a gun without a reload animation or firing animation.

While I somewhat agree with your claim of her being underpaid if she sold animations at a rate of 1 USD per animations, you must understand the positives of this lowball offer as well.

  • This deal is extremely attractive to consumers, therefore increasing likability of sales.
  • Assuming a large proportion of the animations requested will be generic, unoriginal requests redistribution will boost sales drastically.

I.e being having a hopping pet which is a oversaturated animation currently within simulators, @Tasama will profit more by massive redistribution of x animation rather than selling it for overpriced offers of 20k+.

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Oh sorry about that I wasn’t thinking, thanks for the correction…

100 robux is low. Usually 500-1k is the best price.

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Taz is trying to obtain a better portfolio and work on larger scale projects.

The goal isn’t to be profiting much.
There for Taz does not want 500-1,000 robux per animation.

No need to go on about how much Taz should/can charge and what not.
Just be happy you have people willing to work for less with very good experience.


This is the case. I feel it might be worrying that “None of the games I have worked on have come to fruition.” Low prices help lower risks. Once (at least on of) my current projects release publically, prices will be raised to a higher amount. Hopefully I’ll also manage to clean up the snowboard reel, hint hint.


I really like what I have seen of your work, you have a real flare for animating and I believe you can do well with it.

Again with the other comments, you should definitely charge higher but it really depends if you want to get a large portfolio of clients together before you do so.

But really good work, always keep animating. Your really good at it. :smile:

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Sent you a DM on Twitter! Let me know if you are available! :slight_smile:

Some really quality work over here!!
If I ever need animator, I won’t hesitate DMing you!
Keep up the great work!

I am highly likely to hire you in about a week or two. Can I ask how much do you think a basic walk animation would be? Kinda like the one you posted Cartoony Walk But with more motion in the arms and legs?

Extra questions.

  • To get things straight. You only accept funds from a group? Do you prefer them before you start or after your done.

  • What if I ordered a bundle of animations from you? Would there be a discount. Or would there still be the same price. Im fine with either. Just curious on this topic

  • How many people have you worked for in the past?

If you don’t want to answer some of these. Thats fine with me. Just curious on some of this stuff.

well this is also if you have any slots open by the time I buy more robux

Hello, as stated in payment, “all animations shown above would be priced at 700R.” That is to say, a normal animation like a walk cycle would also cost 700R.
I prefer to accept funds via group payout, however I have builders club so if you would rather bite the bullet and pay the tax on clothing, I am willing to accept payment that way, though all payment prices are still before tax.
Currently I only offer discounts to repeat and pleasant customers, though again if I don’t feel like an animation costs 700, or if the animation is an “add-on” to an existing one, payment will be lowered.
I have worked for four clients, though this doesn’t account for the numerous passion projects I have been involved in.


Alright. Then I will be taking high consideration into hiring in a few weeks if you have spots open. Thank you for the response :slightly_smiling_face:

Tasama recently worked a project for me and turned in high quality animations. I hope to be working with them more in the future. To anyone else interested, it’s worth the Robux.

Hey this stuff is pretty cool I enjoy to see more in the future keep it up

Hi, love your animations! You should update your Discord link however as I can’t seem to add you. Would really consider hiring you for a game I’m working on which I would discuss on Discord.

Four months later… It’s been awhile.
Discord tag should be updated now. If it’s something big, I’m probably not your guy right now, sorry.