[ CLOSED ] Terrain Map Builder Needed

Job Information

We currently have a map built with the exact layout we need. The problem is the map is built not keeping performance in mind. So we would like to have the map rebuilt in a more performance friendly style. The map is purely terrain, and you will be provided with some simple assets to include in your work, if needed. The style of map we are interested in is similar to the game Elemental Battlegrounds. We are also thinking about a smooth terrain + mesh mix type of style.

Current map


We truly need it by March 1st… This is rushed, but this was a last minute decision and we would like to stick to our deadline of release an alpha version by March 2nd.

If you are interested and fear you won’t be able to finish by the deadline assigned, feel free to still apply and let me know a date you can have it completed.


Payment is 100,000 ROBUX through group funds. If you feel that is not enough feel free to negotiate why you think you deserve more.

Basic Requirements

  • Be able to communicate and show progress of your work daily.
  • Able to produce good work at a fast pace.

To apply…

You can contact us either through developer forums or through discord. Please send me some work involving maps you have done before.



I could do this, but the only real non-laggy way I see of doing this roblox terrain. Especially if low-poly terrain like this is causing lag.

Well the map we have is fine everywhere except, desert and the lava area. Those two areas the builder used triangular terrain to build the floors. We could potentially have someone only redo those two areas, but we’re afraid the one who remakes it won’t be able to match the style of the rest of the map making it feel out of place.

I could do it. If its just triangle terrain thats laggy I could fix it.

Don’t you think this is ridiculous? For the map you’re asking for, it’s silly to give developers 7-6 days notice. I get that the price can be appealing for some, but your style is hard to do, and would take about 8 hours a day to do, and people barely have that time due to school.

I believe you have not read the actual post. The new style I want is relatively simple. I have also already had multiple people tell me they can do it and within the deadline. Also you might just be a slow builder while others can get work done much more quicker.

If you haven’t already found someone.
Here’s my portfolio.
If you would like I could attempt a small portion of the map in a smooth terrain form tomorrow (Sunday) to see if you like it. If not totally fine.

hey I have a lot of experience in this because I work in tnt rush

I don’t have my life revolve around the Internet 24/7. I’m sorry if you believe I am a “slow builder”, because I am fairly quick. I was referring to your map example, that is challenging for an average developer.

I am interested in this, as long as it requires roblox terrain! The zones that have lots of lag are the lava area & desert area.

Looking at your build I am sure I can replicate it to a similar if not higher quality for you, It’ll take longer than 6 days (as there is no way it can be made to such expectations in that time). But I can get it done in a relatively short amount of time. I’ve DMed you on discord with my information and portfolio and I look forward to hearing back from you!

Thank you for all of your responses, we have found someone who meets our needs.

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