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Hello my fellow developers. I am the Project Director or an upcoming development studio, Light Balanced. We are frantically working on the game. We are in need of custom UI prices that will implement the theme of our game. The details are below.

We need you to create detailed and high quality UI pieces. There are quiet a few parts that must be made, with your full potential. We will discuss the appearance of the UI prices through a google docs, via DMs. UI designs will have an appearance close, but not exactly like adopt me UI design styles.


  1. Must be 13+
  2. Must provide examples of your work.
  3. Must be committed
  4. Must be willing to accept payment

There is no certain time I need the UI done, but they will need to be made within the time provided in DMs

For the entire UI set, you will be given the following payment: ALL PAYMENT TYPES ARE INCLUDED TOGETHER

  1. 5,000R$
  2. 15-20 USD
  3. 10% of game funds


  1. Discord: Skylexion#1457
  2. Twitter: @LiamSkylex

Skylexion, Project Director - Light Balanced

if given heart in reply, you will be added onto discord also, please provide a example of your work as soon as you can.


I can do this. My Discord is Wizzardofazz#8707

Highly interested if still hiring, your discord tag doesn’t work for me, so mine is MrDurpy#1250

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i have added u lovreking#6039 j

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Greetings! My name is kuoves and I am interested in this position!

I have added you on discord: kuoves ✘#9867

Below you will find my portfolio: [OPEN!] Kuoves| UI designer | COMMS 2/10

Have a good one! Look forward to hearing from you.

I’m interested Strongjohnf#3016.

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