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I find that ensuring I pace myself whilst building is a good way to remain motivated as it prevents me overworking and becoming burnt out or bored of the project. furthermore if you are building something for your own personal game I would make sure that it is something that you are passionate about and will enjoy making as then it is less likely that you will give up on the project or drag your feet with it.

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Hello there! It’s great that you are taking part of this community. However there have been Topics about this, Thank you.

That’s pretty much the same question I asked? And before you post a Forum make sure you do a little research in case if anybody done the same or similar post. They both have the same meaning. Motivation.

You have also asked How do I stay motivated?

You can look here on dev forum for some other people’s buildings or another platform. If you want to do art you look at paintings. For Scripting look at other people’s scripts.

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Helpful Motivation Tips:

  • Contact with other developers that share the same interest in builds you like to create so they can give proper feedback.

  • Only build what you are interested in or want to build, because if you build something you aren’t a big fan of then it gives a whole different feeling when you build something out of your own desire.

  • Usually when I build I always listen to music while building for someone or for fun.

  • If building is really something you really wish to do then that’s the motivation you have, easier to explain is a reason you want to build. Do you find it entertaining or do you have any interest for building.

  • Working for people or joining a development team can also be motivation since you get paid a fair amount for helping a game creator build for his/her game.

  • Building for necessary reasons and payments keeps me motivated that I actually get rewarded for doing my hobby in a way.

(P.S. Not sure if you wanted my opinion or how I get myself motivated but here it is.)


Take a break, watch some cat videos, helps me alot when im demotivated.

Look at other people building and use them as inspiration

Join a team or a dev discord that helps you during your builds, personally speaking, the dev team I am part of support me whenever im having a creative block.

Try something else, mess around, make a bridge then destroy it with explosives, mess around with the physics, experiment with features you have never tried

Grab a drink or refreshments whilst your building


There have been many topics on this, even if you disagree

I’ve seen many topics on this.
You should do what interests you most. I look out for interesting builds or real life stuff that I think would be enjoyable to build. It applies to other areas like art. The best answer is money/robux. Thats what should keep you motivated. If you can’t find any motivation, if you don’t enjoy it or want to build then simply don’t. Building is not for everyone and if you cant find motivation or creativity to base it on then you should A. try harder or B. give up

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