[CLOSED] The Boring Devs

Offer changed, do check the latest post by me for an updated version

About Us

Howdy! The Boring Devs is a new up and coming development team, founded by Dalex and currently working on a new project titled “Project Boring” (name still TBD).

What is “Project Boring”?

Project Boring is a cartoony shooter with all your favorite gun game modes like FFA, TDM, Gun Game… etc.

The Current Team
@Da1ex - Project Lead: Programming, UI, some building
@Dronetto - Main builder
@Bby_Noodle - Artist
@sh_era - Costume designer
MrPlasticBrick - 3D Modeler

What are we looking for?

We’re currently looking to commission or hire:

  • An animator

About The Job

As the animator, you’ll be working on the animations for the characters, things like the gun animations:

  • Equipping
  • Shooting
  • Reloading
  • Idle/moving

And you’d be working on animations for the melee weapons:

  • Equipping
  • Swinging
  • Idle/moving

Alongside the weapon animations, you’d be working on emotes and win animations users will be able to use/equip for the game.


I can pay you in either USD or R$, depending on what you’d like. If you plan to join the team instead of being commissioned then we can negotiate out payments on % pay stuff via DMs (You’d also be given a flat pay before you begin with us). If you’re looking to be commissioned, then contact me your prices.

Contact Us

You can contact me via:

I suggest that you contact me via Discord as I am more active there.

You must be 13 years or older to apply.


I’m a nice animator, Contact me if interested S4Devs2017#6867
Or just PM me.

Sent you a friend request. meow?#0001

Interested, sent you a friend request. MrSoyDog#8133

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