[CLOSED] The Galactic Republic Builder Recruitment

The Galactic Republic Builder Recruitment

About Us

Hi there! We’re looking for a developer to make a variety of buildings. Our game is a Star Wars themed roleplay and the applicant would work with the other current members of the team on the new game.

About The Job

We expect high quality buildings that fit with the theme of the game. Our group is one of the larger star wars groups on the platform with a history of well-made maps.

The applicant would be expected to keep all details of the map strictly secret until release.


Payment is negotiable based on quality and speed, however we do guarantee fair compensation for the work.
Payment will be via group funds so we do recommend joining this group asap when applying as that will shorten the time until you can be paid: The Galactic Republic  - Roblox

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum, however Discord is required for the bulk of communication. You can add me on discord at td#2972
You must be 13 years or older to apply. Please make sure you have a portfolio or examples of past work ready to show.

We hope to be working with you soon!


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