(Closed) The Galactic Republic: We're Hiring! (Star Wars Projects) (100k+ Member Group)

About Us

We’re a role-play group based on the animated cartoon series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” with over 100,000 members.

You can find more information here: The Galactic Republic  - Roblox

About The Job

Project details will be discussed privately but if you want an example of the type of games we produce, you can check the games tab in the group by clicking the group link above.

Positions Available:


You must have a large grasp of Roblox Lua and prior experience in game development.


You must be able to capture detail in your art whilst maintaining efficiency.

Graphic Designer

You must have a lot of experience in creating game art related to Roblox and have a understanding in composition and other aspects of game art.

Requirements & Expectations:

  • A vast portfolio or images to showcase your work/art
  • A Discord and Trello account
  • A healthy reputation in the community
  • Daily communication and progress


Payment will be determined and distributed by how much work you contribute per project you’re assigned to via group payout.

Contact Us

Send me a message on Discord at metry#0001 (Discord ID: 283011721273016320) and we’ll go from there.
Reminder that you must be 13 years old or older.


Estimate please? How much is your group earning and how do you gauge the worth of contributions? You can say that pay will be determined by contribution but this still leaves me with an uneasy taste. The money value is unknown and it should be known before someone makes the decision to accept this or push on.

A fair amount. We gauge the worth of contributions by the complexity and time consumption of said contribution. Of course when you complete a large task you will be paid, not just when the project is completed. If you’re interested, DM me on Discord and we can talk about it some more there.

“A fair amount” is not convincing enough. Actual values would be appreciated and would save time for me needing to contact you and pry such information out. Your method of gauging a contribution’s worth is fine but again, there’s no actual values to work with. For all I know, I could be getting as little as 1K for big contributions to this project.

It’s hard to say. Small tasks can go from 1k to 5k, while larger ones can range from 10k to 50k. It’s fully dependent on the task itself which would be discussed when we distribute tasks.

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Alright, sounds good. I just wanted to make sure that values weren’t low - there’s been a few cases of that recently. I’m still not too sure if I’ll apply myself because I remembered that I have an enormous backlog, but good luck with your project.

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Thanks. Completely understand, I see a lot of “make me a game for 13 robux shirt” cases so I see where you’re coming from, I should have clarified more on payment in the original post.

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Hey @metryy, I’m having trouble finding your discord so I’ll just send you my portfolio here on the DevForums. Take a look at it and let me know what you think (specifically Star Wars (Personal Project) area). Let me know what you think! Coleifornia - Building Portfolio

Looks nice, what’s the part count of the Jedi temple?

Which one? The gray scale one, or the Battlefront II inspired one

Greyscale one.

I removed some parts to remake it (never got back around to it) but right now it’s sitting at about 1400-1500 parts

Still hiring developers. :slight_smile:

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