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Hello! Thanks for stopping by to check out my portfolio! (Last Edited: 17-Feb-2019)

About Me
I joined Roblox back on January 19th, 2010 when I was 11 years old. I’ve been developing seriously since the introduction of DevEx, but I’ve been messing around with Studio since the day I joined. I attended Roblox Developers Conference twice (2017 & 2018) and I’ve been a DevForum member since 2016. I’ll be updating this periodically with newer content from more recent projects!

Previous Work and Projects

Deception Infection Relight (Stickmasterluke Commission)

Collaboration with InsanelyLuke (In Progress)


Star Wars (Personal Project)



Sword Fight on the Heights IV (Personal Project)

Western Game (Personal Project)

Gladiator Arena (Personal Project)

Unfinished Project with AlreadyPro

Niagara Falls State Park Showcase (Personal Project)

Open availability

Compensation is negotiable. I prefer USD payment via Venmo, CashApp, or PayPal. I’ll also accept Robux as a form of payment, if necessary. Provided the project, I’ll might also be looking for a percentage of the profits, contingent upon what work I’ve done for said project.

Contact Information
(Listed in order of response time)
Twitter: @coleifornia_
Discord: coleifornia#4530
Roblox: coleifornia
Roblox Developer Forum

Thanks for reading! Any questions you have, feel free to reach out and ask! Thanks again!
-Chris, coleifornia

The Galactic Republic: We're Hiring! (Star Wars Projects) (100k+ Member Group)

Wow! Very neat work there!


You’ve got some amazing work here, good luck


Nice range of pieces, especially fond of your terrain and foliage, other than that best of luck and hope you find some work. Keep it up.


You’r skills are super awesome man i really like the commissions you have made keep it up.


I like how you made a lego lightsaber, really cool


Actually, the two Lego Lightsaber models were made by @4Sci, I was just too lazy to retake a picture of the others by themselves, lol


They all look great. Keep up the good work :smiley:


Architecture work is definitely a highlight here. Strong variety of time periods/genre categories. Nice work.


Wow! Everything looks great, keep up the good work!


Can confirm this guy is OG. Does great work!


Great work! hired!


Amazing work, hope you find someone to hire you! :grinning: