[CLOSED] The Lords of Nomrial - Non-FE game that needs to become FE compatible ($500-$1000)


Hey there! I’m Yourius, currently a marketing contractor at Roblox. I’ve been on Roblox for over 10 years now and I used to spend all my time working on RPG games on the platform. After having plenty of succes with them, the storm eventually calmed down and it became more of a hobby for me to continue working on them (primarily The Lords of Nomrial) because I still enjoyed it so much. Since scripting isn’t my strongest skill, I hired plenty of people over the years to help me with these games. Eventually, I continued The Lords of Nomrial on my own. Because the base framework was already made, this wasn’t too difficult for me.

After FilteringEnabled was forced on, the adventures unfortunately came to an end. My scripting knowledge isn’t advanced enough to convert this game (whose code by now is p-r-e-t-t-y messy) to a FilteringEnabled supporting game, which brings me to…

The job
Since FilteringEnabled became a must, the game needs to become fully FilteringEnabled compatible. Since the code of the current game is really messy, it probably makes more sense to remake it out of scratch. The mechanics are less complex than you may think, though. Other than a pretty basic combat system, the game has a cosmetic skins & capes feature (which literally only changes the meshes of bodyparts), the quest system consists out of simple constant values and an inventory system that uses tools from StarterTools. It has some more stuff that has been mentioned below the video below, which should give a basic impression of the game:

I don’t need you to remake the whole game, but a system framework that I can understand so I can continue working with it. The game currently also uses the same framework for everything it has. Pretty much all I need:

  • a leaderboard & leveling system
  • one NPC (that you can chat with, UI and dialog is already there)
  • one attackable monster that adds stats to the leaderboard once killed
  • one boss monster
  • one fully functioning quest
  • purely cosmetic skin & cape system (meshes that change)
  • tokens developer product page (one working developer product)
  • game passes page (one working game pass)
  • inventory system (the current one just uses tools from StarterTools)
  • working melee and magic tools
  • teleport system (just simply teleports your character to set coordinates often with a level requirement, particles are already made)
  • stamina system for running
  • title system

All UI visuals are already there and don’t need any work. Please keep in mind that I want these to function as close as possible to the current in-game ones (before FE), so they don’t have to be crazily complex. I’m looking for you to make these in a way that I only have to change values if I want to duplicate them and use them for other versions further in the game.

It’s not required to start it all over again from scratch, so I’m giving you the choice whether to fix up the current system or make a new one that acts the same. As long as everything works as it should.

I will provide you with all the current .rbxl place files so you can check out everything the game currently has.

As you may have noticed, the price I’m willing to pay varies between 500 to 1,000 USD. Reason it’s not super specific yet is because I’m not entirely sure how much work this will be. Willing to negotiate, but I’m trying to keep my budget around this.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions! I can be contacted on Discord: Yourius#1975


Last time I offered to make someones game FE the code actually made me go insane. Warning to anyone that is interested, be fully aware of what this kind of job entails because it can be a nightmare to sign a contract or promise to finish a job and have no idea what you are doing because of how a mess non-FE games can be because of how old they are. (No offense to @Yourius at all, everyone’s old non-FE games are always a mess.)


I’m really tempted to do it (will rewrite it all). Not sure if I should, though… I’ve had bad experiences before but not with something exactly like this.

I am already working on my own RPG so you could say I’m qualified if proof is needed :wink: I also used to play this game and I enjoyed it a lot so I’d be chuffed to work on it.

Question for the OP: Is there consistency in your codebase (e.g. in formatting)? Just want to figure out whether I’ll need to format it while I’m trying to read it.


I’m tempted, but this is a lot for just 1K ROBUX, don’t you think? Possibly for like 2,500 - 5,000.

I don’t know, however I’ve never done RPG but I could try.


He specified USD, as in United States Dollars.

Unrelated, but this project inspired me to become a developer on Roblox in its early stages, excited to see someone breathe new life into it!


Didn’t see that, thanks!


Hello Yourius,

I have a few questions left (such as “working melee and magic tools”), yet I am confident that I can complete this project well within your price budget, especially given that a working non-FE version is already in place.

Please have a look at my earlier work: While I am not a great artist, I am a great scripter. This project would be perfect for me.

On DM I can open my current 2-week new game prototype, it has some enemies and basic weapons (all by me, currently gathering team):

Also have a look at my Fiverr gig (it’s been online for long, I didn’t make it just for this haha):

I would be available in discord while working in a team beta server, so you can monitor all progress live. I speak English and Dutch.

I added you on discord, feel free to send me a message, I would be happy to talk about it.

Kind regards,


EDIT: I messaged. Ohhhhhh boy.

I literally did not know of this offer’s existence until I checked my favourites for some nostalgia value - this is also because I’m a hermit to the Scripting Support category and barely venture outside of it.

Range’s RPGs have been a big influence on my childhood and game development pursuit. While I am so tempted to take this offer, I’m of course hesitant because I’m not sure about the quality of my craft and whether it’s sufficient - someone could do what I could in both less time and a better way. I also don’t want to screw up my first commission, especially for something that has sentimental value to me.

Creating prefabs based off of existing codebase shouldn’t be too hard for conversion purposes, so long as there is no demand to go above and beyond that codebase and transform the game into a different experience. The main things I’m wary of are:

  • Generally messy codebase (might take me some time to read)
  • Questing (I haven’t a clue how to do this - especially if it has to save)
  • Magic tools (projectiles are a living nightmare for me, which I’m still learning)
  • Stamina (^)
  • Compensating for optimization where possible (securing remotes, pushing some work to the client so the server isn’t stressed out, …)



I sent a friend request on Discord a few days ago btw.