[CLOSED] Theatre Production looking for Developers!

New Theatre Production Group

Salutations! My name is pa_rtz, I’m looking to blow the charts in the theatre production industry with my upcoming group. To do this, I’m hiring new developers for version one of this theatre!

Job Information

About Us

This is going to be a new group looking to become one of the biggest theatre production on ROBLOX. We provide audience members light/effect shows, broadway shows, and more! Our staff provides the best customer service you’ll ever find on ROBLOX.

The Team
@pa_rtz - Project Manager/Creative Director
@CouldBeYou - Scripter
@CouldBeYou - UI Designer
@CouldBeYou - Builder
@CouldBeYou- GFX Designer

About The Job

We are looking for a team who can commutate, talk to the team daily, stay active, and be able to start when hired. Our theme is a professional theatre, we are looking for builders, scripters, and UI Designers who can design in medium/high poly. Builders must know how to design the theatre coming from their creative mind set.

Scripters and UI Designers must be prepared to design controls for this theatre, and also be accepting for challenges.

This development is required to be active within our discord server for the developers and be able to give ideas while chatting in the development server. We expect you to stay in contact with the team, and let everyone know what you are up to.


We’ll be giving certain amount of game profits to developers, if we do however fail we’ll provide the robux that is needed. Your work will rewarded .

Tickets will be sold before every show. We will also be making profit through exclusive gamepasses.

Contact Us

If interested, please add me on discord - pa_rtz#5550


  • You must be 15+ in order to become a developer here
  • Must have a creative mind
  • Must be able to start when hired
  • Must stay in contact with the team
  • Must let the team what you are up to

Send your portfolio

Looking forward to open a chart blowing theatre.

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