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About Me

Hi there! I am TheBloxxyHunter and I’m offering my services as a modeler. I specialize in hard surface modeling. I have been on roblox for over 4 and a half years and started 3D modeling almost year ago.


(I will show more as I’m able to make models that showcase my current level of skill.)


I am available for 3-8 on the weekends, 3-6 hours on weekdays. You can contact me any time (although I might not respond imitatively.


Commissions for simplistic models (like swords or guns) cost around 350-1k :robux_gold: while commissions for more complicated models (like armor or custom characters) will cost 1.5k-5k :robux_gold:. Long term projects are negotiable.


Prices are negotiable and may vary on how complicated the model is. My preferred payment methods are group funds, gamepass, or giftcard (preferably visa or roblox giftcards). I do not accept payment through PayPal or Cashapp.


You can contact me in DM’s on the Developer Forum, Discord, or Twitter. My tag on Discord is The Bloxxy Hunter#6628 and my Twitter is @thebloxxyhunter

I hope to work with you soon! :happy1:


Ah, very nice work you’ve made. I am interested in your work. I am interested in hiring you. Right now my funds are dramatically low. I have completed a task for someone and I am waiting on how they think of the work I did. I will be getting paid soon, and once I do, I am definitely going to have a chat with you.

A few questions!

  1. Are there a few more furniture models you created other than the chair?

  2. Can you estimate how much time it took you to make the models you have shown us? (The weapons mostly)

  3. This is more personal for me but I am only available EVERY OTHER WEEKEND and I am always available on Mondays AND Tuesdays. I hope that’s the only condition you can accept from me.

Looking forward to doin business with ya!

EDIT: Can you also add a little more work onto your showcases please? Would help a lot!


Here are the answers to your questions:

  1. I don’t really have more furniture models since that’s what I mostly started making while I was learning Blender but I can defiantly make more (My other furniture I made before I made the chair looked really bad so I didn’t show them).
  2. It took me about 3 hours to make each weapon.
  3. I am available every day of the week.
  4. The models I made so far were for the profolio and for selling on the public market place for funds. I was planing to add more models here as time went on and I would have more to show.

Thanks for the reply! I’m very excited to work with you!

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Really good work!

I’m interested in hiring you, I’ve added you on Discord. My tag is Gravitydefier#0621

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Commissions are open again! DM me if you are interested!

Amazing work, this is insane. Keep it up!

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Commissions closed again due to a long term project. Might open sometime next month. Hope you guy have a great day!

Just reoped my commissions. Since I’m not too satisfied with how my old commission sheet looked I’ll be revamping it soon.

Since my business have been pretty lacking I’m going to make my commissiobs free for a bit. Hope this all works out well.

Im confused at the top it says free but on your portfolio it does not?


I was planning on making my commissions free be a temporary thing. I guess if you want my portfolio to reflect what the title says I might as well.

So it is free now right?


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Yeah, it’s free. If you want to commission me just shoot me a dm. I’d really appreciate it.

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Can you send me a friend request on discord your username does not work my discord is




Hi! I am interested in your services however your Discord doesn’t seem to be working. Please send me a friend request on Discord, I’m DevKeyRBLX#9512.

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Wow NIce work! I need a moduler for my game! It’s not alot of work! Please talk to me! on discord! ZakrapGamingYT#8981

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Wow man this dude mad me an amazing pickaxe for free in 24 hours. This dude is awesome and I highly recommend him.

Heres a picture of what he made me:

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Commissions are open again, although, they are not free anymore. I also recently got substance painter so I will be able to do PBR texturing (and hand painted textures as well) after I learn how to use it.

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Totally recommend him! These cacti he made look amazing in my game!