[CLOSED] TheMightyScript - Advanced Lua & Python Programmer

About Me

I am primarily a backend scripter who has been scripting in Lua for 4 years and within the Roblox Engine for a little over 4 years. I am also experienced with other programming languages including Python, C# and a little bit of JavaScript with Node.js so I am able to create APIs for Roblox games to communicate with the outside web and create ranking centres, etc.
I also understand how Roblox networking (such as network ownership and remote events/functions) works and I am experienced in dealing with exploiters.

I can script frontend elements such as GUIs, tools and animations.


Here is a small code sample of some of my work within Roblox. Please feel free to ask me to create a PoC for your games. I understand that not everyone can read code so if you don’t understand it feel free to contact me on discord about whether I can do something.

Teams Handling


Overhead Gui


I am available almost every day except on Saturdays. My time zone is GMT so please keep that in mind if I do respond immediately. I am primarily looking for short/medium term jobs but if you have a long term job feel free to ask anyway.


Prices are fully negotiable and I have no specific rates at this time. Obviously if your games requires outside servers you are required to pay for whatever fees are associated with it which is usually a small monthly cost as well as finding a suitable server host (I can help with this if needed). If you game does not require any external servers, payment will be one off.
My preferred payment method is PayPal but I also accept payment in cryptocurrencies.
For smaller jobs I might also accept Robux.

Before submitting a request please think to yourself, honestly, if you are offering a fair rate.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord (Scripty#1387)