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Hi there! I am dibblydubblydoo. I am practicing making some GFX. My work is not the best, so I am trying to collect constructive criticism on my GFX and hopefully I can make a GFX for someone. As you know, practice makes perfect.

No payment is involved! I will do it for free. You can tip me if you want. The tips will be used on badge for my game as I have no robux left. :smiley:


My discord is JAWS#3267


Hi, I suggest when making GFX to make bigger pictures, work on shadows and lighting as well. Watch videos on character rendering, and limb bending as yours is slightly weird. I like it though, continue doing what you are doing.

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Thank you. I will try to improve my GFX. Your feedback was greatly appreciated!

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Is this still open? If yes, can you make a guy on a computer, scripting or something like that? make it simple, and I will add some text and light. My discord is Blox Codes#8023

Sorry, but right now, it is not open as i am working on my project. Sorry!

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I sent you a friend request,
I will try my best to find a way to pay you as your work is actually quite good .

I like your work! I might want to get a GFX from you. I have DMed you at Dev#4731.