[CLOSED] Top-Tier Building, Programming, and UI creation

Hi there - I am jvstaldjni. I am a 16 year old developer that makes premium-quality builds, UI, and scripts. I have been honing my skills on ROBLOX for over 3 years, and am very happy to offer my services to anybody who is dedicated to the creation of a game/ games. I actively communicate with anybody who commissions me, and provide quick yet skillfully-made products.

Below are a few examples of my work. This is a small collection of carefully-screened pieces of work, because the quality of my work has greatly improved overtime, and only a few of my recent projects have come to match it. For your ease, I have divided this up into multiple sections.

🔨 Building

I would say my most widely used and developed skill is building. My most recent projects shows this skill:


🖥️ Programming

Programming is much harder to showcase, because I cannot visibly show my code without my work staying my work. Here are some general overviews of the scripting projects I have completed:

  • An administrative command system that includes warning, kicking, banning, bring-to command, and more:

  • An in-game ranking system that allows for unlimited rank levels, and more flexibility regarding rank selling. This system is essentially a new version of the roblox group ranking that is easier for games to configure and is more flexible… These ranks save into the game instead of a ROBLOX group which allows for less downtime and more development flexibility:

  • Multiple discord verification bots… using a GUI - to - Discord system that STARTS with the GUI.

  • An advanced shop system that includes pets, particles, trails, rank selling, permissions selling, and much more:

  • An advanced check-in system for hotels and resorts:
    Watch Demo Here

In addition to the few works above, I have also programmed complex vehicles, guns, cafe ordering systems, and inventory systems.

🖌️ User Interface

Additionally, I have the ability to program and create complex user interface systems. Here are a few examples:

Watch Demo Here (TURN ON VOLUME)

User interface creation is my least developed skill, however I have the ability to create stylish interfaces that adhere to almost every game’s style. Because this is a more experimental service, I charge slightly less for it.

🔎 Project List

Below is a list of projects I have completed since the creation of this portfolio along with upcoming projects.

Completed Commissions

In-Progress Commmissions

Due to a high in-flow of commissions, my commissions are closed.

:white_check_mark: - My commissions are currently OPEN to:

  • N/A

:x: - My commissions are currently CLOSED to:

  • Building :hammer:
  • User Interface Creation :paintbrush:
  • Programming :desktop_computer:

I actively communicate with everyone who commissions me and provide good results, consistently. I will discuss prices with you ONCE you contact me. This is because I participate in a large variety of projects, and cannot put a price tag on your specific request. If you wish to view my past prices, you may view the “Project List” section of showcasing… KEEP IN MIND: prices may have risen from past projects due to an increase in skill, commission amounts, or other factors since the time of that commission.

I am available on most days of the week from 5-9 PM EST, and throughout the weekend.

Commissioning Terms of Agreement

In commissioning jvstaldjni, said user agrees to the following:

  • They will pay at the start of the commission a security deposit equal to 30% of the total project, and will pay the other 70% at the finish. If one decides to not pay fully for the work after commissioning it, this security deposit will not be refunded.
  • They will not get a refund unless jvstaldjni is unable to complete said project.
  • In the case that said user decides against fully paying for the work, they agree that the creation can be re-sold and is the sole property of jvstaldjni.
  • Said user will have no studio access to the project until the finish, however they can request to view the project.
  • Said user agrees to fully pay for their work before receiving it.

Contact me on the Discord platform aldini#1141, or via my creations server:

Or, if you do not wish to communicate via Discord, contact me in private messages on the developer forum.

Thank you for reading. :smiley:


How much do you charge for your builds?

It depends based on your need, I am planning to update this further today, but I would say I charge in the middle of range in comparison to other developers.

Alright, I have updated the portfolio!

Hi there! I sent a friend request through discord as your server invitation is no longer valid. Looking forward to working with you!

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I really Like you builds!..

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate the positive comments.

My commissions have reopened again! I am available for all services…
Or contact me here on devforum.

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My commissions are now closed, however feel free to hmu on discord to see if I want to do your project;


I HIGHLY do not recommend ordering from @jvstaldjni

I have ordered a UI set from him and paid half upfront, he ghosted for a bit at first which was understandable as he said he had food poisoning. Then, he went on to not meet deadlines and to ghost me for about a month now.

Superb! I would love to work with you in the future! Please add me on Roblox! Thanks!

I unfortunately did not receive the best experience when working with Aldini. I commissioned them for a city-inspired build (which is shown under his building showcases) that included programming. I paid them around 1.5k upfront as stated by their terms of agreement. The development was almost finished until they went M.I.A. for around two months for internet-related issues. I didn’t mind this as I understand every developer has a life and faces issues that may interfere with their work - but once it was reported that they came back, they never got back to me as to when development would continue. There were some minor issues that Aldani had to fix but they never updated me. I had to DM him and cancel the project myself, even though it was him who abandoned it.

I would not recommend him as there are probably better developers out there eager to work! Looking at his account, it seemed like he has left Roblox.

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I second @fulljonathan disrecommendation as the same thing happened to me whilst working with aldini. He disappeared for 3 months and when he finally did return, he blocked me.