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this topic has been closed sadly :frowning:

Are you looking for someone to make music for your game? If so—> (OPEN) DevNetCheese's Portfolio (Composer) For Hire!

Your missing a lot of detail, job info, payments etc. I suggest looking at the template.

Hey, I’m a GFX Artist, not sure about the payment your offering since it doesn’t say it in your post but here is my portfolio - SaltEthan - GFX Artist For Hire - You can contact me here on the devforum or on Discord at SaltEthan#9547.

If your looking fot the dev page it is here: [OPEN] Imperial hotel and resorts, Needs devs!

this is a great opportunity i like work :smiley:

Just for a question, is it okay if I put I joined the discord and I’ll join later? I’ll have to join later I can’t rn.

The discord is on our group page.

I know but I can’t join the discord rn. I’ll have it tommorow or Saturday.

Hello! Could you describe the job/tasks of a Senior Management Member? Thank you!

Can you Dm me User: Reals#0001

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